Sorry guys, I'm reconverting…

You can forward my message below to both believers and non-believers alike.

There are many kind hearted people, some are educated some aren’t, or they do not care they are living with rational people. Belief in a great many mysteries and things is good but now that I try to think about it, oftentimes I feel most enlightened overall. Of course to them (rationalists) I become foolish and irrational for believing and for being defensive of religion. When I began it (faith), it comes as revelations to me in matters of hopes concerning the true religion. We ask why believe it? Must you ask religion to not be at all special? Of course one must be very polite to likely impart a reason since, this is faith. Perhaps because non-believers think most believing people, of course including us Bible readers, were not well taught in logic, and that we indoctrinated and convinced as many innocent children we’d found. To believe and not ask any question about the matters of God, of our heavenly faith. You and I are brothers. Can’t religion triumph? Prevent it not. Myself included, we’re from this moment questioning not faith, my personal revelations, beliefs, nor God. Every moment is time well spent, I think, to reflect on God, on his mercy. My skepticism’s now past. Returning to religious status, my convictions have changed. I now solemnly arrive to serve at God’s feet. The one true conclusion is such that of mine. A loving, forgiving, personal, and merciful God the almighty, is certainly not absurd.

Or is it?


  1. I got the message. I remember a video in youtube showing richard dawkins lamenting what is so special about religion, that christians in america find it very offensive to talk about atheism on national tv.

  2. @trustno1

    Good for you. 🙂

    @Jp and @alvin

    It's really crafty isn't it? 😉

    Lulls the believer initially, but it actually shouts out something about disbelief. Kind of like an anti-Bible Bible code. 😀

  3. @f241vc15

    i wondered why this post had so many comments and it seemed serious enough not to be in the humor section.

    i read up to your comment "read between the lines" so i started skipping lines (or sentences). that didn't work so i read more comments and John mentioned skipping words so i tried that one too. if that hadn't worked, i was gonna start skipping letters LOL

    so it was thanks to you and John

    (if i had read further comments, i would have been put out of my misery sooner because you did give a stronger hint later on that i didn't get to read until after grr)

  4. @Sathepine

    The message/post and the tag/category it was in sure is ironic (it's in the humor tag, but seems so serious). But the post itself wasn't ironic, it was quite literal, for both messages.

    Skipping letters? Wow you're really intent in cracking the code eh? 😉

    I did give a dead giveaway clue huh? 🙂 But Wes gave one early too, mentioning The Bible Code.

    I'm glad some people enjoyed (or am I mistaken?) cracking my embedded message. I'll see if I can come up with something akin to this in the future. Of course if people present their disagreement to articles such as this, then who am I to keep doing them here? But if people keep asking for more articles such as this, who am I to turn them down? 🙂 Just to keep people on their toes, and out of the usual article writing/reading style.

    Think out-of-the-box fellow filipino freethinkers. 🙂

  5. in that case, i agree. it is absurd.
    thanks for the welcome and i really enjoyed "decoding" this (even though it took me quite a while to figure out)

  6. @Sathepine

    I made the message and the embedded message myself. The embedded message (not the obvious reconversion message) does indeed reflect my current views.

    I think you got the embedded message quite right. 😉 Anyway, what I mean by a personal God, as Einstein uses (e.g.… it is a God who participates in the worldly affairs of humans. If a God such as the personal, Judeo-Christian God really did exist, how petty can he/she/it be if he/she/it concerns himself/herself/itself with human affairs such as abortion or homosexuality? So in effect, your description of a personal God quite fits my description as well.

    Anyway, nice having you here in FF. Bienvenido. 🙂

    If you'll notice I oftentimes like to write some ice breakers , to break the monotony.of "Reader's Digest" like articles here in FF. 🙂 Just to get readers out of the linearity and monotonicity of article reading, and to hopefully promote out-of-the-box thinking.

  7. @f241vc15
    i think i got the embedded message. did you make it yourself? or does it reflect your views? i kind of agree and actually, i can relate. i'm just wondering, what do you mean by "personal"? a god that takes things personally? one's own personal deity? (this question is valid only if i got the embedded message correctly…)

  8. No need to apologize really, if you will view this site and its other posts, it just gives a different view and understanding other than what we are seeing and reading….hopefully no one gets offended but there are those that are zealots and there are those that are swayed…what you are undergoing puts latitude in your rediscovery of faith….case in point? That never stopped the belief in catholic faith even when the Vatican itself suppressed the Dead Sea Scrolls….:-) It's what you believe in….

  9. Just like god, I don't get it. Could it be that there really is a god?!?! Hmmm… this post got me faithing… I'll not tire myself… they say patience is a virtue, I definitely agree and will just wait for the revelation!

  10. @ksw

    Actually, this is much more tangible and easier to comprehend than your God, I would think.

    If your comment has an "embedded" message, please leave some hints as to how we can decipher it. 🙂

    I suggest you try reading the comment and hints again, to see if you really agree to my message's message. 😉

    What can I say? Another fly trapped in my plant's pitcher, full of rationalizing juices. 😀

  11. @Discreet Infidel

    Wow you got the message already after reading it? I wonder which message you got? No spoilers though. 😉


    Don't feel too bad John, we all have our moments. Here's another hint: If you skip thrice, you might find something nice. 😉

  12. Haha @jong appears to have gotten it too! No spoilers now mis amigos. 🙂

    So what do you think? Do you agree to my message? Could you forward this to your believing/non-believing friends? 🙂

    @wes gave one hell of a hint. 😉

  13. @John
    More hints? How about some more skipping? 🙂
    @wes seems to have gotten it I think. 😉

    Don't spoil it yet for the others amigo. What do you think of my message to believers and non-believers alike? You think you might forward this to other people sometime? Reconvert! 😀

    Not really irony here amigo. 🙂

  14. @f241vc15,

    Ironically speaking, what's ironic about your attempt at irony is that it ironically failed to "convey something other than, and especially the opposite of, the literal meaning of the words in order to emphasize, aggrandize, or make light of a circumstance or subject. "

    If you want to improve your skills at sarcasm and irony, you can learn a lot here:

  15. I guessed that he was pretending to be a theist in a nontheistic world, and he said it was something close to that…

    I'm racking my brains… More hints please? I tried skipping lines and skipping words, they didn't work…

  16. @wes
    Yoda-ish, yes. But that's also intentional. Nothing as complicated as a haiku though, I think. 🙂

    Honest-to-goodness? Yes. Reconversion? Not quite. 😉

    @all FFers

    See how my near-fanatical reconversion posts attracts flies err sorry, guys, who are fanatical too? 😀

  17. @Red

    Wow how'd you manage to get it before my posting? Psychic? 🙂
    I thought it might attract some attention, from the believing and non-believing sides. Apparently it did! 🙂

    Regarding the Jeopardy tune, let's talk about that sometime. 🙂

  18. Francis, I got it even before you posted it, just didn't want to spoil you 😉

    This is an interesting post, definitely got our attention 😀

    Can you add the Jeopardy tune to this post and play it when this page loads? Or even after a minute or two, when the reader is already stumped? 😉

  19. i gots it! i gots it! eureka!
    *jumps out of the bathtub and runs screaming naked out in the streets*

    parang The Bible Code, hehe 🙂 that's all I can say without spoiling it for the others. Absurd indeed 😛

  20. arrgh, can't make heads or tails of it.

    the syntax seems a bit odd, almost Yoda-ish. are you trying to fit the syllables in haiku? or quatrains?

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