About Filipino Freethinkers

We are the largest and most active organization for freethought in the Philippines. Freethought is a way of thinking unconstrained by dogma, authority, and tradition.

What is a Freethinker?

A person who forms opinions about religion on the basis of reason, independently of tradition, authority, or established belief. Freethinkers include atheists, agnostics, and humanists.

What We Do

We practice a healthy mix of action, education, and discourse—demonstrating our support for a cause we believe in; enlightening the public online or through forums and lectures; and simply hanging out and giving voice to our opinions.

How to Support

Being an organization fully comprised by volunteers, we’re going to need help in engaging freethinkers. Share and talk about us and our work to other people. Volunteer and help us in our activities. Start a chapter in your area or school!

What's New

We are the largest and most active organization for freethought in the Philippines.

Inclusivity for Humanists

Humanists and the non-religious are often invisible in our society, especially in religious countries like the Philippines. This is especially obvious for humanists during the holidays. In line with...

Remembering the HIV Pandemic

Today is Dec 1, 2021. As you read this, we are currently seeing a downward trend in national COVID-19 cases. People are slowly trying to savor what small amount...

[MEETUP] Sunday, 14 November 2021, 3-6pm PHT

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup 3-6 pm PHT - Sunday 14 November 2021

Meet a Freethinker: Chris Carandang

No two freethinkers are exactly alike; a group of freethinkers contains a great diversity of perspectives, so there is no one, official perspective shared among all of them. This...

Supporting Activists and Advocates

Here's excerpts from a series of educational modules we are producing in collaboration with Humanists International. We hope to provide some tips and principles for humanists making a difference! ...

The Internet Exists. Now What?

and his small group of graduate students hoped to log onto the Stanford computer and try to send it some data. They would start by typing "login," and...