Pacquiao Wants to Punch Pope For “Insulting Mothers”

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - "I will give him one punch for every mother that he has insulted," says Manny Pacquiao, reacting to...

Pacquiao to Fight Pope Francis

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - In light of the upcoming papal visit and resulting expectations of heavy traffic, Manny Pacquiao has announced that...

Duterte won’t stop until every last Filipino is dead

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — After having killed most of the politicians in the country as a result of his anti-crime campaign,...

Your Senatoriable’s Not-So-Fabulous Stance on Gay Marriage

With the Papal elections winding down in the Vatican, most pinoys are beginning to focus their attention on our very own...

Cardinal Tagle’s Papacy Campaign Just Got Fabulous!

Cardinal Tagle's campaign for the papal throne has just turned fabulous! But are your morals more fab than the pope's?

How To (Really) End The World

No, the world is not going to end this week. That belief is too unfounded to be even worth a rebuttal.

Real or Fake: Anti RH Quotes From Batasan

Can you spot which ones were actually said by Congress Representatives and which are just attempts to live up to their crazy?

The Billionaire Bishops Go Begging

Seriously, we need 60 million. We’re going to be celebrating Pedro, and we’re going to need a little extra cash for the tarps, and maybe an AVP. Balloons, if we can find a decent supplier.

Memo to God

To:          God (in all your names and guises, throughout the history of humanity) Cc:          Your prophets, dead or alive From:   Your alleged creation Date:    ...

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