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#Stories of Power: Celebrating PRIDE

Join us for an in-person post-pride celebration event where we celebrate LGBTQ+ #PrideStories of success, educate attendees on the status of...

[MEETUP] Come Closer: An intimate conversation on bridging the Gender Pleasure Gap

Womxn's Meetup will only accept womxn participants and will only have womxn facilitators. WOMXN includes people who identify as women and queer/non-binary people. This includes trans, nonbinary, womxn of...

[MEETUP] Sunday, 14 November 2021, 3-6pm PHT

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup 3-6 pm PHT - Sunday 14 November 2021

[MEETUP] Saturday, 16 October 2021, 3-6pm PHT

Join us on Zoom for a friendly and stimulating meetup!

Asian Humanism Conference 2021

Filipino Freethinkers is proud to announce that we will be hosting this year’s Asian Humanism Conference (AHC), the biggest yearly event...

Filipino Freethinkers Volunteer Orientation

Join our Volunteer Orientation on Oct 3, Sunday, 4-6pm! Get to know what Filipino Freethinkers has been doing, and take part...

We need volunteers!

Join our community of volunteers! We’re looking for writers, graphic artists, illustrators, or however else you’d like to help!

[MEETUP] Café Humaniste: A Humanist Future – Sunday – 8 August 2021

Café Humaniste: A Humanist Future3pm (Manila Time) - Sunday8 August 2021ZOOMRSVP on Facebook With everything going on in the present, we thought...

#FeministFridays – Feminist Parenting

FEMINIST PARENTING - Watch the livestream of this week's #FeministFridays on 25 June 2021, at 5-6pm

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