Ready to come out?

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, we are sharing excerpts from a series of educational modules we are producing in...

What is Humanism?

In celebration of World Humanist Day, we are sharing an excerpt from the first of a series of educational modules we...

Atheist Spring

What makes me proud as an atheist is that we are mostly the opposite of what is assumed of us.

I did not choose to stop believing

But I can't stop my mind from thinking That I can't believe in just a guess

Judging Religion

So who am I to judge religion? Who am I to insist that they think like me? If I take them away from religion, am I really saving them?

My Definition of God

God refers to a supreme being or a divine being. Whether supreme beings or divine beings exist does not matter to me. I...

He believes in miracles

My friend's grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. On the day of his surgery, he managed to escape from the hospital to go to a nearby church to pray. After he was found and brought back to the hospital, they found his cancer to have completely vanished.

As if the Bible really matters.

"Fear is the principal reason why men are so unwilling to admit facts and so anxious to wrap themselves round a garment of myth."- B. Russell

Sorry guys, I'm reconverting…

You can forward my message below to both believers and non-believers alike. There are many kind hearted people, some are educated some...

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