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What’s Wrong With The SIM Card Registration Act?

Last February 22, both houses of the Philippine Congress passed the “SIM Card Registration Act” in a bid to “eradicate mobile...

A dark day for broadcast

Filipino Freethinkers condemns the decision to deny ABS-CBN the renewal of its broadcast franchise. In the Philippines today, millions still rely on...

EVENT: Surveillance Self-Defense(Securing yourself online for beginners!) – June 7 & 13

Join Filipino Freethinkers and DEFCON MNL on June 7 and 13 as they answer questions on how to protect your privacy online and how activists can adapt to the Terror Bill and similar laws that try to censor citizens and prevent dissent. Learn the tools you can use to keep yourself protected so you can keep on voicing your opinion and demanding progressive change.

Pride March and Prejudice

  I've been to many pride marches but the most recent one in Marikina was the first time that I got to...

FF Podcast 69: Lee Kuan Yew and Duterte

This week, we talk about the late Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew. We discuss comparisons between him and Davao's Rodrigo Duterte, as well as the popularity of benevolent dictatorships.

FF Podcast 63: Paint Their Hands Black?

This week, we talk about the Bench billboard that showed a gay couple holding hands and how it was censored.


We uphold that speech, however offensive it may seem, should not be met with violence, as protected under freedom of expression.

FF Podcast 59 (Audio): UK Bans Kink Porn

FF Audio Podcast 059: UK Bans Kink Porn

This week we talk about the United Kingdom's plans to ban kinky porn, including but not limited to displays of female ejaculation and face-sitting. We also discuss some BDSM basics with an honest-to-goodness BDSM practitioner.

Homophobia: 60 Years After the Death of Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a mathematical genius, a wartime code breaker, a computer pioneer, and, to some extent, a British spy ala...

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