About Filipino Freethinkers

Filipino Freethinkers is a civil society organization that has been promoting reason, science, and secularism in the Philippines since 2009. We are the largest and most active organization for freethought in the Philippines.

We are at the forefront of the sociopolitical battle for human rights that have been blocked because of religious bigotry, including women’s rights (SRHR, divorce, feminism), LGBT rights, and freedom of expression. We work with both secular and religious organizations, including legislators and other government officials, to protect the secularism that is enshrined in our constitution.

We aim to promote reason, science, and secularism as a means of improving every Filipino’s quality of life. We wish for everyone to live lives free of ignorance and oppression—in a society where they are able to act and think for themselves, and in a country where religion and governance are clearly and permanently separated.

What is a Freethinker?

A freethinker is a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independently of tradition, authority, or established belief. It’s also one who doubts or denies religious dogma. Freethinkers include atheists, agnostics, and humanists.

Freethought is a way of thinking unconstrained by dogma, authority, and tradition. To a freethinker, no idea is sacred; all truth claims are subject to skepticism, rational inquiry, and empirical testing.

A freethinker is not the same as a “free thinker”.

Our Vision

Long-term: Freethinkers can live in a Philippines free from all forms of violence, discrimination, and prejudice, with their rights and freedoms fully protected by a government in which their opinions are fairly and adequately represented.

Short-term: Freethinkers can easily get in touch with fellow freethinkers to enjoy online and offline activities wherever they live and whatever their cultural or socioeconomic background.

Our Mission

  1. Promote the acceptance of freethinkers (as well as freethought, reason, science, and secularism) in the Philippines online and offline with a positive, non-adversarial approach
  2. Represent freethinkers on issues that are important to them (reason, science, secularism) and represent freethinker and non-religious interests in human rights advocacy issues (feminism, reproductive rights, LGBTQI+ rights, education, democracy, freedom of speech, digital rights, etc.)
  3. Provide services, benefits, and a community for freethinkers and their needs. This includes meetups, events (film showing), workshops (capacity-building and leadership development), educational projects (freethought library), charities, secular ceremonies (weddings, funerals, etc.), and mental health support. Provide these benefits for free or provide scholarships as much as possible to serve underprivileged freethinkers.
  4. Serve as a secularism and human rights watchdog for the Philippines
  5. Raise funds (donations, subscriptions or fees, grants, merchandise, fundraising events, etc.) to sustain the organization’s activities

Can I be a Filipino Freethinker?

If you practice rational and critical thinking, subscribe to strong scientific evidence, and have a keen and open mind, you certainly can be a Filipino Freethinker—simply attend any of our activities, whether online or in person. Meetups are highly recommended. Rest assured that we are a motley crew, composed of people from a very wide range of backgrounds—young and old, student and professional, Filipino and foreigner.

If you are unable to attend our main Metro Manila meetups, we have these online options:

  • Filipino Freethinkers page
  • Filipino Freethinkers Forum
  • Womxn
  • Secular Support
  • Discord
  • Discord Womxn

Our Officers

  • Kristine Chan (Co-President)
  • Ryan “Red” Tani (Co-President)
  • Garrick Bercero (Affiliations Director)
  • Dustin Celestino (Freedom of Expression Advocacy Director)
  • Pepe Bawagan (Secularism Advocacy Director)
  • Kevin Enriquez (LGBT Advocacy Director)
  • Pecier Decierdo (Science Advocacy Director)