The absurdity of saying Grace before meals

As they closed their eyes and prayed I looked at the table.

I did not choose to stop believing

But I can't stop my mind from thinking That I can't believe in just a guess

God is good…all the time

Perhaps many are familiar with those reassuring words that Christians often say in church and during good times, but few people probably know that they came from a song.

For what more?

For what more do I need religion?

Holy Mirth

Laugh at what is most sacred. Poke fun at what is most holy.

On politeness, truth and laughter

Sometimes, being nice to people is not being nice to the truth. Politeness must never be allowed to trample honesty. Offending by telling the truth is not being rude, keeping the truth from others is.

A Nonbeliever's Thanksgiving Poem

Ever since I lost my faith A few old things I start'd to miss: The warm embrace of the Sacred Wraith, The gratefulness when I'm at bliss.

Creation as motherhood

All creators are mothers, and all creation is like giving birth – painful, bloody, and dangerous.

New Beginning

"My Bliss is KNOWLEDGE, yours is IGNORANCE," is a quote I made that, despite having struck my friends - whether they're...

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