Making It Our Problem

I am not a religious person and the reformation of any religion shouldn't be my problem or anyone else's. I wish...

The President Asks, What If There is No God?

We disagree that imposing the death penalty follows from the lack of justice in the afterlife. On the contrary, the highly likely execution of innocent citizens would be exponentially more despicable in the absence of an afterlife.

Saint Teresa of Suffering | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the new Saint Teresa of Calcutta. We discuss some of the myths surrounding her and whether it's better to let the false idea of her inspire people to do good than to tell people the truth.

France Bans Burqinis | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about France's burqini ban. We talk about oppressive rules about women's clothing and where to strike the balance between freedom of religion and protecting people from coercive religious beliefs.

What’s up with Catholic schools? | FF Podcast

It's back to school this month. This week, we're talking about Catholic schools and how freethinkers fit in a country that's dominated by Catholic educational institutions.

Mourning Orlando | FF Podcast

This week, we have Sharmila Parmanand and Leloy Claudio to talk about the massacre in Orlando that targeted an LGBT club, killing 49 people. We talk about homophobia and how religion and macho society might be its prime drivers.

FF Podcast 105 (Audio): Sex Workers in the Philippines

FF Audio Podcast 105 Sex Workers in the Philippines

This week, researcher Sharmila Parmanand joins us. We talk about sex workers and their strange position in Philippine society as both "victims" and "criminals" in the eyes of the law.

Binay on Secularism, Women’s Rights, and Progressive Issues

This week, we have an exclusive interview with presidential candidate and Vice President Jejomar Binay. We ask him about his stances on secularism issues and women's rights.

Iranian Eurotrip! | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the Iranian President's visit to Europe. We compare his reception in Italy versus his cancelled lunch in France. We also talk about double standards for oppressive cultures.

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