Revelations in the reconversion (post)

Some of you may recall my earlier post regarding reconversion. More than a month later, here now is the message within my message, for those of you who didn’t have the time or patience to take a stab at it (I don’t really think talent or mathematical skill has anything to do with it, what with the number of glaring and obvious clues and hints given in the comments section 🙂 ):

There are many kind hearted people, some are educated some aren’t, or they do not care they are living witrational people. Belief in a great many mysteries and things is good but now that I try to think about it, oftentimes I feel most enlightened overall. Of course to them (rationalists) I become foolish and irrational for believing and for being defensive of religion. When I began it (faith), it comes as revelations to me in matters of hopes concerning the true religion. We ask Why believe it? Must you ask religion to not be at all special? Of course one must be very polite to likely impart a reason since this is faith. Perhaps because non-believers think most believing people, of course including us Bible readers, were not well taught in logic, and that we indoctrinated and convinced as many innocent children we’d found. To believe and not ask any question about the matters of God, of our heavenly faith. You and I are brothers. Can’t religion triumph? Prevent it not. Myself included, we’re from this moment questioning not faith, my personal revelations, beliefs, nor God. Every moment is time well spent, I think, to reflect on God, on his mercy. My skepticism’s now past. Returning to religious status,  my convictions have changed. I now solemnly arrive to serve at God’s feet. The one true conclusion is such that of mine. A loving, forgiving, personal, and merciful God the almighty, is certainly not absurd.

Some of the reasons why I wrote this, and some notes:

  1. I was bored at the time when I wrote this, and I had an idea so I had to write/scribble/type it down to scratch the itch.
  2. I wanted to make people think out of the box. A lot of articles  nowadays are so monotonous and uneventful to read. Sure there are quite a number of them which are well written, and they make you reflect and think about things they talk about, but they let you do so in a more or less similar or linear fashion.
  3. Some have noticed the Yoda-ish style. It was intentional to give the reader some form of hint that there might be something more to this post/message/article than meets the eye.
  4. Regarding the comments about similarities to The Bible Code, funny thing is that code never really occurred to me, although I intentionally wrote this message with a code (message within a message). Thanks to the commenter/s who pointed the similarity. I guess you could say it’s a micro anti-Bible-Code code. 🙂
  5. I just wanted to have fun, both with the non-believing and believing side, and to attract both parties’ attention as well. I think I somehow managed to do that no? 🙂 For non-believers or skeptics, it was meant to keep them on their toes. For believers, it seemed to address their woes (on non-belief).


  1. Dang, you got me there, didn't realize it was *that* simple 😛 I admit I got confused after having read the comments on the Bible Code because I haven't read it, so I had no idea how to go about "decoding" your post.

    Nevertheless, a splendid piece of work you got there 😀

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