[MEETUP] Café Humaniste: A Humanist Future – Sunday – 8 August 2021

Café Humaniste: A Humanist Future3pm (Manila Time) - Sunday8 August 2021ZOOMRSVP on Facebook With everything going on in the present, we thought...

A dark day for broadcast

Filipino Freethinkers condemns the decision to deny ABS-CBN the renewal of its broadcast franchise. In the Philippines today, millions still rely on...

The Case for Unconditional Assisted Suicide

I’m not telling everyone to kill themselves. I’m here to argue that suicide should be institutionalized in a way that minimizes...

In Defense Of Nadine Lustre And Cohabitation: A Response To Anna Cosio

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article by Anna Cosio claiming that cohabitation is Bad For You, and chastising Nadine Lustre for...

Pride March and Prejudice

  I've been to many pride marches but the most recent one in Marikina was the first time that I got to...

Phelim Kine on Duterte’s War on the Poor and Human Rights | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about Duterte, extra-judicial killings, and the Davao Death Squad. Phelim Kine from the Human Rights Watch gives...

Imperialism of the Tagalog-Filipino

We need to treasure our Filipino languages and make them grow, that is true, but perhaps there is a better measure of what makes a Filipino a Filipino.

What We Can Do in the Age of Fascists

Progressives have been playing identity politics for much of the past ten years, and it has finally blown up in our faces. We forgot that the ruling class can also play identity politics, and play it they did.

Chatting Back to Life | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the resurrection of the dead… with chatbots. We discuss a case where a dead person was "revived" into a bot that emulates his texting patterns and whether we should all want a bot of our own.

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