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#FeministFridays – Feminist Parenting

FEMINIST PARENTING - Watch the livestream of this week's #FeministFridays on 25 June 2021, at 5-6pm

Hello, Humanists! – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Indonesia – Yerry

Yerry talks about the challenge of religious conservatism in Indonesia and some efforts to raise awareness to address the issue.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 7 – Seoul Atheists

Seock Hyun talks about leaving religion, how life has changed for him. And how he will raise his future children in a mixed-belief family.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 6 – Seoul Pro-Choice Advocates

Na Young and Dr. Yoon tell us the journey to getting the ban on abortion declared unconstitutional in South Korea and what role religion plays in society.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 5 – Seoul Improv

Hellena and Hailey discuss living in a non-religious country like South Korea, their different birth date assignment, and how proselytizers are seen.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 4 – Bangladesh (Rezwan)

Rezwan tells us about blogging and the Bangladesh Bloggers and the persecution of atheists in Bangladesh and what motivates him to keep writing.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 3 – Bangladesh

S M Shaikat talks about humanism and human rights in Bangladesh, how religion is used to oppress people, and his unique way of countering it.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 2 – Indian Feminists

Surabhi and Janice talk about how India was once a secular country, but is now challenged by how the lines of religion and state are blurred.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 1 – SOCH Nepal

Featuring humanists from SOCH Nepal, we discuss the problems of politicking and radicalism. Red also asks about raising humanist families. Hello, Humanists!...

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