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Remembering the HIV Pandemic

Today is Dec 1, 2021. As you read this, we are currently seeing a downward trend in national COVID-19 cases. People...

Supporting Activists and Advocates

Here's excerpts from a series of educational modules we are producing in collaboration with Humanists International. We hope to provide some...

The Internet Exists. Now What?

and his small group of graduate students hoped to log onto the Stanford computer and try to send it some...

On Mental Health Day, let’s face a neglected national crisis

This year's World Mental Health Day comes amid an unprecedented pandemic. We can use this as a unique opportunity to increase...

Ready to come out?

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, we are sharing excerpts from a series of educational modules we are producing in...

Report secularism violations

🚨Report secularism violations!🚨 Secularism violations include policies favoring a certain religion such as the National Bible Day, and government offices and public...

[MEETUP] Come Closer: An intimate womxn-only conversation

Join us for an intimate conversation on bridging the Gender Pleasure Gap. (Special womxn-only meetup

[MEETUP] Café Humaniste: Raising Freethinkers – Saturday – 12 December 2020

Join us for a discussion about the joys and challenges of raising children into freethinkers, especially in a world of pandemic and political uncertainty.

WORKSHOP: #FeministFridays on October 9 — Body Autonomy

Join us for the sixth #FeministFridays workshop on Friday, October 9. This is the last workshop for this series where we’ll discuss the concept of body autonomy.

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