In Defense Of Nadine Lustre And Cohabitation: A Response To Anna Cosio

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article by Anna Cosio claiming that cohabitation is Bad For You, and chastising Nadine Lustre for...

Intolerant of Intolerance

Civil rights are not a matter of religious opinion or personal preference. If you seek to deny others their civil rights,...

The War on Drugs is Even More Misguided Than You Think

The drug war rests on the premises that drugs completely corrupt the mind and that they lead to crime. Both are largely false justifications for a brutal war that has failed everywhere else.

Is Sapiosexuality Real? | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the modern phenomenon of "sapiosexuality." We discuss the merit of using the term and talk about a certain open love letter to TV host Atom Araullo.

Can Salt Power Anything? | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the so-called Filipino-invented salt-powered lamp. We talk about the accuracy of its claims and the science behind it.

FF Podcast 68: Is the Internet Killing Religion?

This week we talk about a study that observes declining religiosity coinciding with increased Internet use.

FF Podcast 62 (Audio): Tax for Obese Kids?

FF Podcast 62: Tax for Obese Kids?
In Puerto Rico, lawmakers have proposed a bill that would fine parents of obese kids. We talk about that and also about fat shaming and better incentives for healthy eating.

Men are Cheaters; Women are Gold Diggers (Part 1 of 2)

This article was inspired by a post on the Filipino Freethinkers updates and announcements Facebook group page. One group member casually...

FF Podcast 58 (Audio): That Abstinence Video

FF Podcast 58: That Abstinence Video

Are you a bobo boy or a gaga girl? This week, we talk about the Department of Health's abstinence dance video.

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