In Defense Of Nadine Lustre And Cohabitation: A Response To Anna Cosio

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article by Anna Cosio claiming that cohabitation is Bad For You, and chastising Nadine Lustre for...

Phelim Kine on Duterte’s War on the Poor and Human Rights | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about Duterte, extra-judicial killings, and the Davao Death Squad. Phelim Kine from the Human Rights Watch gives...

Chatting Back to Life | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the resurrection of the dead… with chatbots. We discuss a case where a dead person was "revived" into a bot that emulates his texting patterns and whether we should all want a bot of our own.

Saint Teresa of Suffering | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the new Saint Teresa of Calcutta. We discuss some of the myths surrounding her and whether it's better to let the false idea of her inspire people to do good than to tell people the truth.

Casting Trans Roles | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the movie directed by Mark Ruffalo, “Anything.” We discuss the portrayal of a trans woman by Matt Bomer and whether only certain actors can portray certain roles.

France Bans Burqinis | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about France's burqini ban. We talk about oppressive rules about women's clothing and where to strike the balance between freedom of religion and protecting people from coercive religious beliefs.

What’s up with Catholic schools? | FF Podcast

It's back to school this month. This week, we're talking about Catholic schools and how freethinkers fit in a country that's dominated by Catholic educational institutions.

Internet Lynch Mobs Against the Innocent | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the false accusation Top Gear Philippines made concerning a road rage incident. We also talk about how violence has become an acceptable response nowadays.

Dealing with Duterte Supporters | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about dealing with Duterte supporters. We discuss the best ways to deal with political disagreements and whether it is right to judge people for political opinions.

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