Ending Fake News From Within

If journalists and publishers want to end fake news, they must start with themselves. For far too long certain conventions have...

Imperialism of the Tagalog-Filipino

We need to treasure our Filipino languages and make them grow, that is true, but perhaps there is a better measure of what makes a Filipino a Filipino.

FF Podcast 73: Sexism and Tony Meloto’s GK

This week, we talk about Tony Meloto's controversial speech in Hawaii where he suggested that Filipinas should have babies with white men for the benefit of the country. We also talk about the apparent cult of personality built around Tony Meloto and Gawad Kalinga.

FF Podcast 66 (Audio): Hens and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

FF Podcast 66: Hens and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

What is a "hen"? Sweden has added a gender-neutral pronoun to their language. We talk about this and whether measures like this impacts gender equality in culture and society.

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