[MEETUP] Café Humaniste: Raising Freethinkers – Saturday – 12 December 2020

Join us for a discussion about the joys and challenges of raising children into freethinkers, especially in a world of pandemic and political uncertainty.

WORKSHOP: #FeministFridays on October 9 — Body Autonomy

Join us for the sixth #FeministFridays workshop on Friday, October 9. This is the last workshop for this series where we’ll discuss the concept of body autonomy.

EVENT: Surveillance Self-Defense(Securing yourself online for beginners!) – June 7 & 13

Join Filipino Freethinkers and DEFCON MNL on June 7 and 13 as they answer questions on how to protect your privacy online and how activists can adapt to the Terror Bill and similar laws that try to censor citizens and prevent dissent. Learn the tools you can use to keep yourself protected so you can keep on voicing your opinion and demanding progressive change.

Pride March and Prejudice

  I've been to many pride marches but the most recent one in Marikina was the first time that I got to...

FF Podcast 56 (Audio): Is Space a Waste of Time?

FF Podcast 56: Is Space a Waste of Time?

What's the value of space exploration? Nakakain ba ang satellite? This week, we talk science -- the Rosetta spacecraft, comets, and what all these mean for us. We also have a spoiler-free chat about Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

Why Victim Blaming in Rape is Always Ignorant and Irresponsible

TRIGGER WARNING: This article or section, or pages it links to, contain information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be...

An Organic Tale of a Chemical Nature

Words are powerful. By a careful choice of words I can gain a certain degree of control over your mind, and consequently your behavior. Because of their power, words must be used with care. To abuse words is to endanger people. This fact, though true in general, is most acutely felt in the case of scientific terms.

FF Podcast (Audio) 47: Secular DepEd, Catholic Bullies, and Ramon Bautista

FF Podcast 47: Secular DepEd, Catholic Bullies, and Ramon Bautista

In this week's jam-packed episode, we talk about the Philippine government, for once, respecting secularism by removing "God-loving" from the Department of Education vision statement. Then, we talk about Pro-Life Philippines President Eric Manalang and his homophobic and violent comments against Carlos Celdran. We also talk a bit about Ramon Bautista and his being declared persona non grata by the Davao City local government.

FF Podcast 40: Should We Still Teach Tagalog?

This week we talk about the Commission on Higher Education's decision to remove mandatory Filipino language classes in college.

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