Antonio Yang III

Pope Francis: Well Said, But Not Well Done

Just how sincere is the Pope in his call for peace?

Pediatrician Claims to Have “Final Answer” to Question of Life

The American College of Pediatrics is actually a breakaway faction from the American Academy of Pediatrics, and was formed by a small group of healthcare providers who did not agree with the latter’s support for adoption by gay parents.

Refuting Tatad’s Petition

As you're reading this, the Philippine Supreme Court will be having the oral arguments regarding Republic Act 10354 or the Responsible...

Your Senatoriable’s Not-So-Fabulous Stance on Gay Marriage

With the Papal elections winding down in the Vatican, most pinoys are beginning to focus their attention on our very own...

Bullets and Dogma: A Musing on Religiously Inspired Misogyny

A few weeks ago, Taliban gunmen stopped a bus carrying students home from school in Pakistan's Swat Valley, singled out Malala...

Pride and Prejudice (and outgrowing both)

Would you agree to setting up a local museum for racism, or prejudice, for that matter?

On Blasphemy and Sewage

As the president of Rationalist International, Sanal Edamaruku has made a name for himself among skeptic's circles by debunking the mysticism surrounding India's so-called Holy Men. But while his efforts are admirable, and his exposes a never-ending source of lols (at the fakir's expense, that is), he's run into a bit of trouble.

Dear Princess Celestia…

Despite its exceedingly cute appearance and tone, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic garnered a large following far beyond its target audience thanks to its animation quality, pop culture references (The Big Lebowski, anyone?), song numbers, character depth, and witty humor. Yes. I am a Brony.

Shedding Light on “Dr.” Acosta’s Gay Discrimination Lecture

It's been a while since we’ve last heard from Dr. Ligaya Acosta, who drew acclaim for her sold-out performance at last January's RH Bill forum at te Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. Everybody still remembers how her crazy antics had the audience rolling in the aisles…

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