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CBCP Backtracks on Calling Gays "Homos"

Update March 5, 2011: Google cache is now pointing to a later version of the CBCP article. Consequently, the link here now has been changed to go to a PDF copy of the article containing the original “homo” slur headline.

The CBCP recently launched a book written by a missionary about a condition they called “SSA” or “same sex attraction.” The book merely reiterates the Church’s preposterous stance on homosexuality as rebuking not the orientation but the actions that define the orientation (e.g. homosexual relationships and activity). While they claimed that they did not condemn homosexuality, they do say that it is something that requires “redemption.” So, although they agree that it is a “natural disposition” and therefore, by their lights, a facet of God’s intentional design, homosexuality requires some level of atonement. Apparently, gays are created sick and forced to be well.

What was revealing about the CBCP’s whitewashing of its continuing history of homophobia was that when the article was first published, they called on “homos to come out.” The article was later surreptitiously revised with the more politically-correct headline of “Bishops urge homosexuals not to be afraid.”

What should homosexuals be afraid of anyway but of people meddling with their private lives and depriving them of equal rights?

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