Anti-RH Church Leaders Blame Calamities on RH

Many Catholics would agree that nature, not God, is to blame for this tragedy. But for some leaders of the Catholic Church, the Reproductive Health (RH) law is to blame.

Bishop Conflates Censorship with Secularism, Settles Nothing

In an article published in CBCP for Life, Bishop Broderick Pabillo said that the "church hierarchy is entitled to speak and...

Love is Thicker Than Water (But Not True Semen)

Former CBCP President Oscar Cruz has said that LGBT weddings are OK, but there's a catch: Lesbians can only marry gays,...

Convenience Confessional: RH vs. Rape

The confessional is where priests have believers by the balls. This is true both figuratively and literally.

Team Buhay, Team Patay, and CBCP’s Team Balimbing

For an institution that thrives on tradition and that loves talking up the long history of the Roman Catholic Church, the...

Article 133: Special Rights Not Equal Rights

Only people who believe that their faith cannot stand on its own merit need Article 133.

Don’t Fear the Preacher: Fear and the RH Bill

In a final attempt at scrounging for votes against the Reproductive Health Bill, CBCP President Archbishop Jose Palma exhorted CBCP loyalists in the House of Representatives with the words their god told Abraham, “Do not be afraid.” You may recall that Abraham was the man whose son Yahweh asked him to kill to prove his faith.

Plagiarism and the RH Proxy War

That RH opponents rallied to defend an obvious and inexcusable transgression betrays their true intention of making Sotto's plagiarism case a proxy war on the RH bill.

The Billionaire Bishops Go Begging

Seriously, we need 60 million. We’re going to be celebrating Pedro, and we’re going to need a little extra cash for the tarps, and maybe an AVP. Balloons, if we can find a decent supplier.

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