Garrick Bercero

Affiliations Director of Filipino Freethinkers

The War on Drugs is Even More Misguided Than You Think

The drug war rests on the premises that drugs completely corrupt the mind and that they lead to crime. Both are largely false justifications for a brutal war that has failed everywhere else.

What We Can Do in the Age of Fascists

Progressives have been playing identity politics for much of the past ten years, and it has finally blown up in our faces. We forgot that the ruling class can also play identity politics, and play it they did.

The Many Faces of Pope Francis

Had people listened a little more to what Pope Francis actually said, they would have heard the following. “The problem is lobbying by this orientation, or lobbies of greedy people, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the worst problem.” To be fair, I don't think this would have fit on a T-shirt.

Killing for Faith

A woman prepares a lethal cocktail of pharmaceuticals. It’s for her partner’s two children. She had been listening to a sermon just the other day about Isaac, Abraham’s son. God tested Abraham and led him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.

Cosmos Returns

As anti-science movements get more and more virulent with the power of modern media and indoctrination, shows like these provide a vital prophylactic.

Doge and Lazy Cynicism

In the exclusive club of people who are perpetually unimpressed, Doge has developed into the secret handshake of inarticulate cynics.

Freddie Aguilar and Special Rights for Muslims

What Aguilar defenders seem to miss, however, is that there is much more cause for concern here than just the private relationship of a public figure. In order to skirt Philippine law, Aguilar has decided to convert to Islam, despite describing himself as a “born-again Catholic,” to marry his underage girlfriend.

An Open Letter to All RH Supporters: A Response

Let us have a society where every child is wanted and is born to a loving family that will care for their well-being. That doesn't have to be a controversial wish, but it is in the Philippines.

GMOs and Science Denialists: A GMO Primer

Genetic modification of food has been critical in the history of human beings. None of the food we regularly eat today existed before humans and they would never exist outside of “unnatural” human intervention.

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