Anti-RH Bill Catholics Harass RH Bill Supporters

[UPDATE] For more comprehensive video coverage of the event, as well as clarifications on some damage control by the Pro-Life side, read this.

The Filipino Freethinkers and the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines went to the Manila Cathedral where an anti-RH bill discernment mass was supposed to be held. Representatives from these two organizations wanted to hear the reasons that would be given in the lecture as to why the CBCP was against the RH bill.

Unfortunately, they were denied entry from the chapel for wearing Damaso-printed shirts, which these organizations have worn to express their disagreement with the CBCP’s position. However, they were told that the organizers would consider letting them inside after the ongoing mass ends.

Afterbeing denied entry to the Manila Cathedral, the RH Bill supporters decided to wait outside the church for the mass to end. Several pro-life supporters handed FF and DSWP members Anti-RH Bill leaflets which had misleading information, including the claim that condoms caused cancer.

After a few minutes , a group of anti-RH Bill Catholics, led by Pro-Life Philippines president Eric B. Manalang confronted the RH Bill supporters and told them that their presence was not welcome. Several members of both the Filipino Frethinkers and the DSWP attempted to reason with these people, explaining how some of them were also Catholic and simply wanted to hear why the RH Bill was considered “evil.”

Lorna Ferrer, a member of the DSWP, told Mr. Manalang that she was Catholic. Mr. Manalang responded with, “You are not a real Catholic! You are an oxymoron!” — implying that Catholics who use or support any form of artificial contraception could not possibly be “real” Catholics.

Other members from both organizations attempted to calm down Mr. Manalang and company, but these pleas fell on deaf ears as the harassment escalated and the RH supporters were attacked with harsh words and mild violence.

Here are just some of the statements hurled at members of the Filipino Freethinkers and the DSWP by Manalang and company:

“This is our territory. Get out of here!”
“Damaso is a fake. You’re a fake! You are the Damaso!”
“Get out of here, Satan!”
“You should tell your mother that she should have aborted you!”

There is video footage of Mr. Manalang and company pushing several supporters and trying to take away cameras from two members of the group. Police officers intervened and escorted the FF and the DSWP away from the premises of the cathedral for the safety of these RH supporters.

As the organizations walked away, Pro-Life advocates continued the barragewith “Get out of here, Satan!” “Away, Satan, away!”

Meanwhile, the anti-RH reflection service was going on inside. One of the speakers, Dra. Angie Aguirre, asked the churchgoers inside: How many have read the actual text of the RH Bill? Less than ten percent raised their hands.

Update: In place of what’s actually in the RH Bill, these are the lies the Church teaches its flock about the RH Bill.

Update: Anti-RH supporters handed out invitations to the anti-RH service outside the Manila Cathedral, even to people visibly wearing DAMASO shirts. Click to view the invitation.


  1. The Roman Catholic Church has a very miserable track record in promoting morality in the Philippines why listen to it now? 400 years of immersing Filipino lives in divine Catholic doctrine never produced a single honest president, never produced government leaders that are trustworthy, and no upper class that is mindful of the needy and desperate. What kind of morality has the Roman Catholic Church been promoting in Filipino society? I can't tell you because I don't really know. The big question is: What are the young free-thinking Filipino going to do about it:? The fate of the Philippines is in the hands of the free-thinking youth because apparently the old Catholic doctrine is a miserable failure.

  2. And oh, I love the fact that you have the "free speech" thing regulated by having any comments be approved first by moderators. So much for the "human rights" part eh? Then again, the liberals have double-standards to maintain 😉

  3. Easily the biggest piece of propaganda hogwash and guilt by association tactics I've ever seen. Sorry, if you're just going to paint all anti-RH bill people as evil, violent, maniacs, you're not getting through me. The non-freethinking and who can't think for themselves "Filipino Freethinkers" members who swallow your every word might take every article posted here to heart, so congratulations on that one.

    I never knew liberal fascists were now making it big in the Philippines. You could become the next CNN one day.

    • through fundamentalists? hehe, never go through fundamentalists, the brain is shut as tight, as coke's secret recipe, never sees the light of day. no, you go around them and show how crazy they can get. not hard to do really.

      CNN? maybe you take fox news is the only true news source out there? well someone has to stand for the religious nutjob.

  4. I have always hated Catholicism. I have had a hard time in dealing with them or getting along with them.
    They seem to be narrow minded and blinded by the Church.
    But somehow, I learned how to deal with them and just let it go.
    Coz I figured, this is their own beliefs. I should respect their religion even tho i may not agree with their teachings. But this?

    These actions they have made so far disgusts me.

  5. They went there hoping to get reasonable arguments from the CBCP. Instead they get this. WOW. And we're the bad guys? There can be no reasonable arguments once Satan is involved. They get mad when the arguments don't stop when they invoke God. I'm waiting for a real debate to happen. I'm still skeptical about the RH Bill, it really doesn't matter, we cannot eat condoms and prayers, this Bill will not deliver us from this economic hell hole we're in. Maybe it will help, or maybe not. Bottom Line. THIS IS GETTING REALLY IRRITATING.

  6. god… were they possessed??? the very people who teach of understanding, peace, love, and all the virtues in the world… were these teachings just mere hypocrisy then??? just for the show? very disgraceful. disgusting!!!

  7. SATAN GET OUT ??!!

    jesus christ ! people like these still exist in the 21st century ? no wonder were so backward and continually relegated to 3rd world status.

    FF however shouldn't have expected a decent dialog to ensue. their presence there would turn out to be nothing but confrontational with the likes of mr. "satan get out" frothing in the mouth in defense of the sanctity of his pedophilic and money laundering church.

  8. I was raised from a devoted catholic family i served the church for some time in my life. The time that i got pregnant and got married inisp ko agad kung anu ang mga dapat gawin pag anjan na ang anak ko, di kelangang mag tanga tangahan sa mga consequences pag nabuntis ako ulit and so i had to talk to my husband and make a concrete plan sa maging pamilya namin para di kami mahirapan pag dating ng future.One major thing is the family planning. After kung manganak i know na what to do so nagpalagay ako ng IUD coz yun ang nakikita kung hiyang sa akin. Tell me, ibig sabhin ba nito kinokundena ako ng dyos dahil sa napili kung method? well i dont think so, kasi para sa akin bilang isang babae me karapatan akong alagaan ang health ko to the fullest and live an active sex life at the same time at para makapag hanap buhay para sa mga bills at makapag save para sa kinabukasan ng pamilya namin. If ang sagot ng simbahan sa akin is yes kukundinahin ako ng dyos sa aking pagpapalagay ng IUD then let me ask u this. Sino ba kayo to judge me at e judge at ang mga babae at mamamayan na pabor sa RH BILL? Dyos ba kayo?? sa inyo ba kami haharap pag namatay kami?? Ang pag husga nyo ba ang aking kailangan?? HOW DARE YOU palibhasa di nyo kasi nasubukan magka anak at magka asawa at magkapamilya at kumayod ng kumayod para magtrabaho. Napakadamot nyo at mga hipokrito kayong lahat. Nagkaron pa tayo ng demokrasya kung ipagdadamot samin ang aming kalayaang mamili, para kayong mga kumunista kung magpatupad ng rules. Kung ayaw nyo ipatupad ang RH BILL e di gumawa kayo ng mga eskwelahan na libre na pang hangang kolehiyo para sa mga pamilyang me mga anak na 4 o hangang isang dosena ka tao, tapos pakainin nyo ang mga pamilyang yan na libre at bigyan nyo narin ng libreng livelihood ang mga magulang..magpakitang gilas kayo kung talagang nagmamalasakit kayo sa utos ng dyos.. pero alam ko di nyo kayang gawin yan, sarap kasi ng mga buhay nyo e, naka aircon ang mga kwarto nyo at sarap ng mga kinakain nyo at me sasakyan pa kayo, bindisyon nga lang ng bungalow na bahay 500 pesos ka agad at ibang price pag dos andanas na bahay at eto e sheshare ko lang sa lahat ang isa pang hinanakit ko sa simbahan. Ngayong kasi pati yung pagalay ko ng misa buwan buwan sa mga namatay kung mga kamag anak pinag iinitan nyo pa, ang mass offering for souls e me presyo na din, 50 pesos daw per kaluluwa..SINO GINAGAGO NILA? nakaka shock dahil pati kaluluwa pinagkikitaan pa and i know for sure na kahit anung amount ang donation kahit piso pa yan. E ang dami kong mga patay na na kamag anak at ayaw kung me e d-drop ako sa listahan ko dahil lang sa singil nila but i always tell them na eto lang ang amount na kaya ko at di ko kaya ang amount na hinihingi to make this short dismayado ako sa inyong mga nasa simbahan and it made me realized na all of you ay HINDI TAPAT SA INYONG BOKASYON. as of now im thinking to leave the church dahil sa inyo at panginoon nalang ang humusga sa akin.

  9. alam nyo mga pro rh mag rally kau na pumasa yang rh nyo. sinasabi ko sa inyo hindi mag tatagumpay yan. mama mary will not let that to happen. its evil because it contradicts to what the church says. kung ako sa inyo mga pro rh lipat kayo sa ang dating daan or d kaya sa iglesia ni manalo. wag nyo kapalan mukha nyo sa pag sabi na katoliko kayo.. ang kapal

    • @ ron : rh bill contradicts to what the church says?… and it's evil kamo?…nabasa mo na ba?lahat? galing! cguro tama ka…. dapat marami pang maipapanganak para mas maraming mapapangwartahan at mamomolestya ang mga paring katolikong akala mo cguro anghel… (isa ako sa biktima nila, gago!)..idinamay mo pa ang ibang relihiyon wala ka namang alam sa sinasabi mo… sino ngayon ang makapal….pumunta ka nga sa squatters area at sabihin mo sa mga nanay don na Diyos na ang bahala sa kanila at ng kanilang mga anak o kaya naman pakainin mo sila araw araw…hanggang salita ka lang naman yata,wala ka namang maitulong din..bago ka magsabi na makapal ang mukha ang ibang tao. alamin mo muna kung tama ka…..

  10. hahayyy… napaka bobo ng mga tao na pro rh. na pinag tatangol ang nambastos sa simbahan.. wla akong nakikita na mali na ginawa ni mr. manalang. tama lang yon. bastos ka eh natural papalayasin kita. thats it. sa bahay ko pa ba naman ka mambastos kung hindi kba naman saksakan ng bobo. anong gusto mo paupuin pa kita… being an anti rh is not because it is what the bishops say but it is the church teaching then until today and it will never change. lahat ng pro rh ang hindi catholic.. nloloko nyo sarili nyo na katoliko kayo while tutol sa turo ng simbahan.its like saying 'anak ako ng nanay ko pero hindi ko sya sinusunod at binabastos ko sya… lokoloko talaga tong pro rh na to.. saksakan ng bobo talaga.

    • i think RH bill is a battle between liberal ideas and conservative ideas.. in Italy and all parts of Europe, their government adopted reproductive health bills and emphasize to people that since they are living in a democratic country in which the very essence is the freedom of choice.. i think it is only right for us filipino to experience the same.. give us freedom to choose from.. Italy is only a handful of kilometers from the vatican.. and even the pope fail to influence its government.. tayo pa ang layo natin.. look at the geography of religion.. the catholic church influence is dwindling.. talagang laging iwan tayo..dont be emotional it ronairliquide…

      • Oh yes? So how do you explain the connection of Rh Bill 4244 with FOPP's agreement with IPPF and IPPF's 10 yr Strategic Framework until 2015, Contraceptive and Abortion for All? Why don't you try going to Is this what you want for Filipinos? And, are you even a Filipino to even care?

    • we are talking here about RH BIll contraception , it means prevention not to get pregnant so how come you think of abortion which is very far from the topic because how can you abort kung hindi pa buntis…however you are correct we should not make abortion legal in a sense na masama yan since it is killing of ones life but contraception is just prevention you never kill ones life because semen has no life yet…

  11. i think maybe abortion shouldn't be made legal and make all the other laws that come with rh bill legal?

  12. Let us ask ourselves, ano ba talaga ang purpose ng RH Bill kung bakit kelangan natin nito?

    Sa tingin ko mali lamang ang pangalan ng batas, dapat tinawag itong "Population Control Bill" kase dapat straight to the point kung ano yung gustong mangyari ng mga mambabatas.

    It's time to control the population because obviously, the government cannot feed the increasing number of population. With our depleting (or even constant) resources and mismanagement in the bureaucracy, it is common sense that we should slow down the number of birth.

    Saksi ako first hand sa realities ng lipunan. As a son of an honest social worker, yung 20 years ago na mahihirap sila pa din yung mahihirap ngayon at pabalik-balik sa munisipyo. Meron sigurong umunlad pero that's only 2-3 percent of that figure.

    Sad reality, kung sino pa yung mahihirap, sila pa yung madaming anak.

    HIndi ko maisip kung bakit kontra ng kontra ang simbahan sa population control when in fact, di naman nila sinusuportahan ang finances ng government to feed these hungry people. Moral support is not enough.

    At eto pa, hindi ba mga Catholics din karamihan ang nabubuntis as a result of pre-martial sex? Eh di dapat may sanction din sa simbahan yung mga acts na ganun. Pero I think that's not the point.

    Gusto ko lang sanang maging bukas din ang isip ng mga taong simbahan.

    I believe god did not say just "to go and multiply". Baka hindi lang nila naisulat yung word sa hulihan, "go and multiply responsibly".

    • Oo nga eh – it's really an issue of the desire for power, control and manipulation of the Roman Catholic Church, and not really about morality. Sadly, ganun ang Catholic Church – if there are more poor and desperate people in a nation, those same people can be easily swayed by their organization. They claim they do charity but really they just do superficial and palliative means to "help" the poor. Saksakan ng yaman ng Iglesia Romano Katolika – kung gusto nila ng maraming Pinoy dito sa bansa natin, ibenta nila ang mga ari-arian nila na pinagdadamot at ang proceeds ibigay nila sa mga mahihirap. Hoy, Simbahang Katolika! Benta ninyo yung mga real estate ninyo na subdivision at magbigay kayo ng full scholarship sa lahat ng enrollees sa mga unibersidad ninyo na sobra mag-charge ng tuition fee! Paging Ateneo, UST and other Roman Catholic learning institutions!

  13. I don't see the comment i posted here so here i am again. Can anyone be specific enough to point out which items in the leaflets which were distributed at the Manila Cathedral last Saturday ( which is also being posted here) are lies? If these are deemed to be lies, what is the truth then? Is it the whole truth?

    Sorry, but if we are for the whole truth, we should have also seen the whole video where at the beginning (before the scene with Mr. Manalang), the executive director of Pro-Life Philippines Ms. Marita Wasan talked to the pro RH group properly and peacefully that they were not allowed to go inside the Church because the pro-Lifers do not want the Mother Church to be insulted with the Damaso shirts worn by the pro RH group. We all know what celdran has done earlier with the "damaso" signage that distracted the Mass.

  14. ‎1 out of 10 "pro-life" supporters/opposers of RH Bill have not yet read even a single page of the bill. They are opposing something they don't even know. Funny! To Macalintal, to hear these words ("You should tell your mother that she should have aborted you!") from you, who's the real satan?Who's the real advocate of abortion? Tsk. Another hypocrite.

    • like!
      but I guess no pro-lifers have read the rh bill thoroughly w/ proper understanding.. oppose kc cla ng oppose, d nman alam ang ino-oppose.. ndi cla mgkakacancer sa paggamit ng condom kung ndi nila lulunukin un.. mga tanga cla…

  15. to accuse the church of proliferating ignorance is ignorance in itself. while it is true for other Catholics and even priests it is not true for the Church as a whole and what the Church truly teaches. not only it is unfair to make such a sweeping statement but it definitely exhibits a complete failure to distinguish between what the Church truly teaches and the results of failure to live out those teachings.

  16. Let's face it, the "Damaso" word on your shirts does not only refer to a fictional character. It is an insult. It is connected to what Celdran did, and in this sense, it is not the fictional priest that is insulting, it is the use of Damaso by Celdran which you seem to want to replicate.

    And even if you believe that sacred things should be open to criticism, you still have to show respect not necessarily for the sacred place but for those who hold that place sacred. I know of a freethinker who goes with that line of reasoning. He may think that those who believe the Church is a sacred place are wrong–but he does not disrespect them and he does not disrespect the place they call sacred.

    Just my two cents.:)

    • [And even if you believe that sacred things should be open to criticism, you still have to show respect not necessarily for the sacred place but for those who hold that place sacred.]

      The Church gets no more respect than any other organization. The problem is that they resort to lies and to push their Anti-RH stance, and refuse to understand the fact that the Philippines is a country of many faiths, not theirs.

      When somebody talks shit, it's only proper to call them out. They do NOT get to hide behind the veil of blasphemy.

    • They only wanted to hear about your side of the issue and not make a blaring protest. READ: THEY WANTED TO ONLY LISTEN! If dress code is an issue then why do you not have an issue with girls who attend your masses and sermons in really revealing outfits?! What is a DAMASO T-shirt and decent pants compared to body hugging pants and bosom revealing blouses that invite temptation and lustful thoughts from Roman Catholic male churchgoers?! You obviously ARE NOT thinking with what you posted here…. You PRUDES are a joke! YOU are NOT MORALISTS – just PRUDES!

  17. my honest questions back to you oldcuriosity: if the RH bill will not be passed to law, will the people who have made a choice of using artificial family planning as their method be given free and total access to those materials? will they be given ALL the information regarding ALL the methods of family planning in health clinics? No. Because it is not stated in their rights YET to have access to all of this information, and this is what the RH bill wants to change – the right to have access to ALL information with regards to matters of reproductive health; the right to an informed choice.

    the workers in our construction business and restaurants have told me that the health workers in our area told them that the ONLY method for family planning is the natural method and I was shocked and angered when i learned of this kind of deception.

  18. I was there and I agree that the ones in that video may have been very offensive–but I have to say that in the beginning you guys were being asked to leave in a very calm manner–that part you didn't post–that part you probably didn't even videotape.

    • As if posting anonymously weren't enough, you've chosen to resort to lying. The Pro RH group wasn't asked to leave in a calm manner. In fact, they were told they could wait at the steps and enter the Church later on. Which is why it came as a surprise when Manalang suddenly had to resort to insults. They were expecting to be let in — which is why they waited — and then they get kicked out.

  19. wearing a "disrespectful" shirt? wearing a shirt with the name of a fictional storybook character is "disrespectful"? how? I don't get it. the angry people on the list have to spell it out for me.

    If I wore a shirt with the words "Little Red Riding Hood" to a party whose invitation said that everyone was invited, that would entitle the host to throw me out and say to my face that I should have been aborted by my mother? I'd imagine if the party-goer got a bit rowdy then that would be just cause, but certainly not when no provocation was done in the least.

    • Thank you for that link.

      From the article you posted:

      [But should anyone, after all, be made to read a book no matter how detestable he may think it to be? But how could he think it detestable before reading it?]

      Now recall the Mass last Saturday: Only 10% of the attendees had even bothered to read it the RH Bill (RB 96). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see a pattern here – the church draws power from the ignorance and illiteracy of its followers.

  20. At the same time, Marita also assured the pro-RH group that they may be allowed entry into the Cathedral after the service ended in order to listen to the rest of the programme. Marita also mentioned that the group could stay where it was (i.e. just beyond the glass door). That is the reason why the contingent stayed outside the cathedral – it was counting on the word of the organizers themselves.

    • In short, it was Pro-Life Philippines that went back on their end of the bargain. Either that, or a miscommunication occurred between Marita and Manalang.

  21. [You must understand the "Everyone Invited" slogan calls for a civilized attendance. ]

    And the FF group was being civil. They were not yelling, nor were they carrying placards or handing out flyers; those actions were perpetrated by the Pro-Lifers also onsite.

    [Not attending in a provocative manner.]

    Kindly read the account:

    "Afterbeing denied entry to the Manila Cathedral, the RH Bill supporters decided to wait outside the church for the mass to end. Several pro-life supporters handed FF and DSWP members Anti-RH Bill leaflets which had misleading information, including the claim that condoms caused cancer."

    Unless you count "waiting" as provocative, I'm not sure what the issue is.

    [The Pro-Rh people are starting to act like mobs already. You can even feel their emotions from their messages.]

    Are you sure you didn't mean the Pro-Life people. If there was anybody being hysterical and emotional about their message, it was their people, as you can plainly see in the video.

    Honestly, somebody acts like a complete asshole, and now you're blaming the FF – who kept their calm during the whole thing – for starting it?

    • Twin-SKies, I don't think anyone is blaming anyone… I think people are merely saying that this outcome was extremely predictable from the get go.

  22. what would you expect?!? you were wearing disrespectful shirts…. really…. if i went to your house wearing a shirt saying F.. your father…. would you let me in?

    • If you're an invited guest, why not? 😉

      It's not my place to judge your taste in clothes.

      And as we've been saying before, the Cathedral was inviting EVERYBODY to visit the Mass.

      • naks…. ok a… you wouldn't get offended? heheh … well i guess they did and i dont see anything outside the norm with that…. disrespectful shirts were worn, so it was also obliged with disrespect. so i dont see why this can be construed as harassment, when obviously the shirts were worn to illicit a reaction…and it did.

        • Punishment fits the crime:
          Is Damaso on shirts equal to
          "Satan Go AWAY"
          "Your mother should have aborted you"
          "Your not a Real Catholic"

          • awww cmon…… it was emotionally charged and i can understand why they might have over reacted……. this has been and still is a highly emotionally charged issue…. with the disrespectful shirts trying to provoke a reaction and the memory of carlos celdrans stunt, i wouldnt really expect them to react calmly…. besides, wasnt that the goal?

          • " i can understand why they might have over reacted……" – regie
            So you admit its overreaction, and your ready to forgive it. Medyo double standard yan ata

          • naks….
            forgive?… i wasnt there so theres nothing to forgive, i said i can understand it because of how emotionally charged the situation was plus the shirts were really there to provoke that reaction. like i said in the original post…. if i went to your house wearing a shirt saying "F".. your father…. would you let me in?…. if i did that and you get mad at me, i would consider that as a logical reaction….

          • [if i did that and you get mad at me, i would consider that as a logical reaction…. ]

            A logical reaction wouldn't involve telling the person their mother should have just aborted them, or calling them satan, all in an octave higher than one's vocal chords normally allow.

            A logical reaction would have involved politely asking the person to please leave, and wear something decent. The Cathedral's organizers did just that, and the FF people politely waited outside until services were over.

          • [A logical reaction would have involved politely asking the person to please leave, and wear something decent. The Cathedral's organizers did just that, and the FF people politely waited outside until services were over.]

            ideal – Yes…. but logical…. i wouldn't say that…. given the emotional bearings of the situation and the very Disrespectful message of the shirt….. dont tell me you weren't expecting a reaction with a shirt like that.?

          • [ideal – Yes…. but logical…. i wouldn't say that…. given the emotional bearings of the situation and the very Disrespectful message of the shirt….. dont tell me you weren't expecting a reaction with a shirt like that.? ]

            All that proves then is that the Pro-Lifers who were there are a bunch of bitter, angry, intolerant old codgers. That incident says far more about their nature than the FF group they were verbally harassing, doesn't it? 😉

          • [the Pro-Lifers who were there are a bunch of bitter, angry, intolerant old codgers. ]

            o dba generalization yan?heheh…. as far as i could see sa video there were only 2 guys who were shouting…. a reaction that wasn't surprising given the disrespectful nature of the shirts worn.

          • It's an assessment I've derived fro my prior prior experience arguing with their ilk on forums, and the various skeptic's and science blog they troll and have been ridiculed in.

            Would you like a list? I'd be more than happy to enumerate my sources if you're curious. 😉

            Overgeneralizing? Hell no – almost all of them are like Manalang.

            And speaking of generalizations, Manalang declared in that video that the woman who tried to enter (and he probably assumed to be a member of the Filipino Freethinkers) that she was an oxymoron.

            Ergo, Catholics who support the RH bill are all "not real" Catholics. If you're looking for generalizations, I'm surprised you missed that nugget.

          • [Overgeneralizing? Hell no – almost all of them are like Manalang.]

            i only said generalization… hehehe

            anyway… this is when free discussion crumbles….when generalizations are made and labels are given…..

            [the Pro-Lifers who were there are a bunch of bitter, angry, intolerant old codgers. ]

            the original premise of my comment really was only about being surprised by the fact that they got mad…. when obviously the shirts worn were insulting and thus provoked a reaction.

            thank you twin skies and 1/x for this little discussion

          • Fine, I should use generalizations, instead of "Over" generalizations.

            As for the fact that we should expect them to be mad, read the updates – it was Pro-Life Philippines that asked the FF group to wait outside the Cathedral before joining the program after the mass. They complied.

            It was also the Pro-Lifers that ordered them away from the Cathedral, and suddenly resorted to verbal insults when the FF group waited outside -as they were requested by the Pro-Lifers.

  23. I will give one example: If you idiots inspired with celdran's stunt enters my property. I will definitely shoot your crybaby asses with a bazooka. That's is my right coz its my property dumbasses! 😀

  24. Im a freethinker too. but those guys (damaso wearing shirts) disrupting other people's peaceful prayer meetings and mass celebration is a shame. Why not just explain their cause to the public they want to address and not try to get CELDRANIC attention, obviously this is what they want. They want to look to be the one oppressed and post it on social netowrking sites and maybe on TV too, just to put an image of David vs Goliath, which is an effective way to get sympathy. They (Pro-Life) were just defending their right for a private meeting of like minded people.

    • Private meeting? The Cathedral had a signboard that explicitly invited everybody to attend the Mass regarding the RH Bill.

      If there was anybody here disrupting the proceedings, it was the Pro-Lifers for picking a fight.

      • You must understand the "Everyone Invited" slogan calls for a civilized attendance. Not attending in a provocative manner. The Pro-Rh people are starting to act like mobs already. You can even feel their emotions from their messages. Soon it will be not a battle for the right cause but for pride.

          • [What emotions? The freethinker contingent were like Vulcans void of emotion. It was the pro-lifers who were shouting. ]


            Vulcans do have emotions FYI. They're just really good at keeping them in check:

            Quoting Memory Alpha:

            [Culturally one of the most fascinating species in the Federation, the Vulcans were once an extremely violent and emotional people (even by Earth standards) who waged almost constant warfare on one another. (TOS: "Balance of Terror") They believed in a variety of gods, such as war, peace and death. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II") As their level of technology improved, the Vulcans eventually reached a point where their violent nature threatened species extinction. (ENT: "Awakening") ]

  25. What kind of fools are you? Who in this world will believe that you're going there for a dialog? Wearing an insulting phrase in your dress against the people you want to talk to and saying that you're there for a peaceful conversation: you're asking for a fight people! not dialog!

    • The fool here is the idiot who's paranoid enough to convince themselves that just because somebody is wearing a distasteful shirt would automatically mean they're up to no good.

      So if I wore a Che Guevarra shirt, would I be kicked out under the presumption that I'm a God-hating marxist?

      And lest you forget, it was the Pro-Life Philippines group that started shouting all that hateful language not just again the FF people visiting, but also against the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines.

      So where's your sympathy for the woman who got browbeaten by these Cathedral's grumpy old prunes, eh?

    • The only reason why the phrase is insulting is that it does, in a way, hold a truth: this is a situation where the church is proliferating ignorance to further its goals. If they want to wear shirts saying "Atheists are murderers" then they should go ahead- the printing of that statement on a shirt doesn't make it true: it only makes the wearer a bigoted idiot.

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