separation of church and state

#Stories of Power: Celebrating PRIDE

Join us for an in-person post-pride celebration event where we celebrate LGBTQ+ #PrideStories of success, educate attendees on the status of...

The Government That Prays Together Steals Together

How does one know that a politician accused of plunder is a devout Catholic? Don’t worry — they’ll tell you. One...

Bishop Conflates Censorship with Secularism, Settles Nothing

In an article published in CBCP for Life, Bishop Broderick Pabillo said that the "church hierarchy is entitled to speak and...

Secularism: An Advocacy Against Theocracy

The advocacy for secularism is an advocacy for rights. More specifically, it is the advocacy for certain privileges and claims that are being denied due to the strong influence of the Church in our political affairs.

Marriage Equality and the Unequal Society

Brace yourselves. Marriage Equality is coming. It's been happening all over the world recently, and it's only a matter of time...

It’s Not the Size That Matters: How the Team Patay Tarps Circumvent Comelec Regulations

Two weeks ago, on March 19, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on the Team Patay tarpaulins. Dean Ralph Sarmiento...

A Jesuit’s Doublespeak on the RH Law

Author's Note: I realize that the title of the article should have been "A Jesuit's Apparent Doublespeak on the RH Law" and that a certain part should have been "...his apparent doublespeak..." because it would better represent my thoughts. However, in the name of journalistic integrity, the title and that particular part will remain albeit this note.

The Progressive Church That Will Never Come

Imagine this hypothetical situation: The progressive Catholics have split from the Vatican to form their own church. They've called it the New...

A Rebuttal to the Defense of CBCP’s Stand on the RH Bill

Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes defended the stand of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on the RH bill by saying that their opposition to contraceptives, which the RH bill seeks to fund and promote, is not based on faith or revelation, but on "natural law."

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