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Aljazeera features RH debates in the Philippines — again

Less than 2 years ago, Aljazeera did a feature on the RH debates in the Philippines:

In their most recent episode, Aljazeera’s 101 East featured the same topic:

The second video features more of the same from the anti-choicers, and insightful interviews and arguments from the pro-RH side. Yet although I’m happy that the RH Bill is getting more coverage, I’m disappointed that Aljazeera’s first report — let alone the second — was even necessary. The RH Bill has been delayed for 16 years, and whatever new details new reports may bring, the fact remains that it still has not passed.

But I believe this time it’s different. In the first report, Aljazeera said that “debate over the controversial bill is now threatening to turn into a major battle between church and state.” The battle has already begun. In the second report, Aljazeera asks the right question: Is the Catholic Church affecting the nation’s health?

RH advocates — at least those that I’m working with — answer “yes.” We know that the Catholic Church hierarchy, the CBCP, is the biggest hindrance in the passage of the RH Bill. And now more than ever we’re willing to do something about it.

As I told Aljazeera (in the second video), “the tide has shifted. The Church is becoming very defensive. And it’s a sign that true separation of church and state is at hand.”

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