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Only the CBCP has the right to meddle


The following are excerpts from an article published on the CBCP website:

Church slams US ‘meddling’ in Aquino birth control stance

MANILA, Sept. 28, 2010—The Catholic Church has accused the United States of meddling in the Philippines after President Benigno Aquino III revealed his plan to promote contraception.

The church official said it’s no secret that the US and other foreign nations have tried to pressure the Philippine government for a more aggressive birth control program.

Of course! With the sole exception of the Vatican, no other state has the right to meddle with the Philippines’ reproductive health policy especially if they lure us with money to steal away our morality.

One example, he said, is the granting of huge foreign funding for the government’s development projects, but it all comes with a price.

“This is clearly a form of colonization of morality. They are imposing their morals on us, disrespecting our own principles and morality,” Castro said.

So there’s the catch for the $434 million Noynoy brought home from his visit to the US, where he announced his stand because suspiciously he somehow couldn’t wait till he gets home to give the announcement. For only $434 million, Noynoy sold his soul, – and the souls of the 94 million Filipinos – by defying Pope Paul VI’s infallible 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, which states that one cannot isolate the unitive from the procreative purpose of sex, or in other words, sex must not be done solely for recreation but also for procreation, as designed by God and revealed exclusively to Pope Paul (which means it must be true).

And this is why the Church must strongly advocate its stand despite the fact that not all Filipinos are Catholics and not all Catholics agree with or even heard of Humanae Vitae. It is the moral obligation of the Church to save souls, and She is offering an eternal paradise while the secular, amoral states are offering only money, however tangible and immediate compared to the paradise which is yet to be seen (after death) – with certain conditions to protect their investment:

Foreign funding institutions claimed they are concerned with the fast growth rate of the Philippine population.

With this scenario, they believe that it will be difficult for the government to address poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth unless an effective population management measure is implemented.

The Church, on the other hand, is giving away spiritual currency with no strings attached, and one only has to give up some small pleasures like sex during the wife’s fertile period (assuming the couple doesn’t want to procreate at the time). Surprisingly though, many couples seem reluctant or incapable of giving up such pleasures. But that is not a problem for as long as they don’t resort to those abominable contraceptives. And if they get to bear more children than they can feed, that’s also not a problem, because they are simply fulfilling God’s procreational design, and the Church will take care of the children’s spiritual nourishment.

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