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Is Victim Blaming Always Irrational?

Victim blaming, which is said to occur when “the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them,” is perceived by many as irrational because it shifts the blame or at least a part thereof from the real offender to the innocent victim. They contend that the victim has zero responsibility every time regardless of the circumstances. I intend to challenge this absolutist position.

Secular Morality and the Is-Ought Problem

My position had been that we can be good without God, and that science and reason are all we need to chart morality. Today I no longer hold that position.

How a Freethinker Survived a Spiritual Retreat

One of the benefits of studying law in a Jesuit university is the opportunity to attend the mandatory spiritual retreat.

On Proof, Presumption, and the Existence of God

The debate on the existence of God cannot be resolved on the basis of proof. While atheists claim that theists fail to prove that God exists, theists respond by saying that atheists fail to prove that he doesn't. Atheists would then say that the burden of proof lies on him who asserts and not on him who denies, and theists would point out that saying there is no god is also a positive claim that equally requires proof.

Same-Sex Couples’ Property Rights Bill: A Step Towards Equal Rights

Albay representative Edcel Lagman Jr. recently filed a bill providing for property rights to cohabiting same-sex couples, allowing them the option to co-own the properties they acquire while living together.

Secularism: An Advocacy Against Theocracy

The advocacy for secularism is an advocacy for rights. More specifically, it is the advocacy for certain privileges and claims that are being denied due to the strong influence of the Church in our political affairs.

A Jesuit’s Doublespeak on the RH Law

Author's Note: I realize that the title of the article should have been "A Jesuit's Apparent Doublespeak on the RH Law" and that a certain part should have been "...his apparent doublespeak..." because it would better represent my thoughts. However, in the name of journalistic integrity, the title and that particular part will remain albeit this note.

Why the Divorce Bill Should Be Easier to Pass than the RH Bill

The reproductive health (RH) and divorce bills have one thing in common: they both propose to grant certain rights to certain individuals. But their similarity ends there because the rights associated with each bill are very much different in terms of form and what they require of the State.

RH, Divorce, and Other “Divisive” Bills

The RH bill has been called divisive by its opponents over and over even as it is already about to become a law. And as if to cause further divide, another contentious issue is now being brought up by no less than House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, who revealed plans of enacting the divorce bill next congress.

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