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FF Top Ten: April 14, 2010

Justin was kind enough to get me the links to this week’s post.  Thanks Justin!

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Lesson No.1 kids – don’t publish a video blog endorsing beliefs that you’re not supposed to be supporting. E.g. Religion scholar who believes in evolution and blogs about it. Smart!  (via Huffington Post)

MIT conducts workshop on secularism in India. Read the program and some of the discussions here. (via

Justin’s so freaked out by these planets that are orbiting backwards. (via MSNBC)

Catholics for Choice support DOH. (via Manila Bulletin) Sorry guys, the priests say you’re not real Catholics. You’re half-assed erring Catholics.  (via, Ryan’s post)

Church inadvertently campaigns for Ang Ladlad by reiterating once again their disapproval of the LGBT group.  (via

RP lags neighbors in poverty reduction, according to the ADB (via

Here’s the church blaming gay priests for pedophilia.  They like making enemies, no? (via Inquirer)

Here’s the church blaming Jews and freemasons. Really. (via

Here’s the church effectively saying that lifting the statute of limitations on child molesters is a bigger damage to the church than actually having child molesters as church leaders. (via  Are they saying that once this is lifted, there will be no priests left?

The Catholic Church out of the blue decides to forgive the Beatles.  (via NME) The timing is so odd.  Do they think this will distract from the scandal?  I personally think it has something to do with the recent super-crappy Beatles Week on American Idol. The Church was all, “This is horrible!  Who are these talentless singers butchering these great songs?!  The Beatles have suffered enough! Let us forgive them.”

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