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Condom use like legalizing free sex?

We’re already used to the kind of logic used by Catholics against condoms. The CBCP has called it worse than corruption. The Vatican has compared it to the Holocaust. But I can’t help but be surprised whenever they come up with something new. Alonzo Tan, head organizer of the recent anti-condom demonstrations around the country had this epiphany:

We have to admit that using condoms is equal to legalizing free sex.

What the faith? So free sex is illegal? Either husbands are now paying their wives (with jewelry?) or Tan considers marriage payment enough.

Or maybe free sex used to be illegal — until it was legalized when people started using condoms. So once people stop using condoms, free sex will be illegal again.

Perhaps he was referring to prostitution, which is of course, not free. So he meant to say something like this:

We have to admit that promoting condom use is like legalizing prostitution.

But this contention is debatable — it actually makes sense. And since we know these anti-condom nuts never make sense, it’s probably not what he meant.

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