StoriesOfPower: Inspiring Stories of Reclaiming Power and Courage in the Face of Injustice and Misogyny

Join us for an in-person event as SheDecides and Filipino Freethinkers come together to showcase the powerful stories of Filipino women...

[MEETUP] Come Closer: An intimate conversation on bridging the Gender Pleasure Gap

Womxn's Meetup will only accept womxn participants and will only have womxn facilitators. WOMXN includes people who identify as women and queer/non-binary people. This includes trans, nonbinary, womxn of...

FF Podcast 66 (Audio): Hens and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

FF Podcast 66: Hens and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

What is a "hen"? Sweden has added a gender-neutral pronoun to their language. We talk about this and whether measures like this impacts gender equality in culture and society.

FF Podcast 66: Hens and Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Sweden is adding the pronoun "hen" to their dictionaries. This week we talk about Sweden and gender-sensitive language.

FF Podcast (Audio) 26: Feminism

Sylvia Claudio and Leloy Claudio

This week, we talk about feminism with special guests Profs. Guy Claudio, director of the UP Center for Women's Studies and Leloy Claudio, Ateneo de Manila assistant professor. We joined them to celebrate the UP CWS 25th anniversary.

Today I Will Justify My Sexism Using God

While we write a lot about the shitty things the Catholic hierarchy tries to impose on people because of their particular...

A Very, Very Narrow-Minded View on Gay Marriage

After reading what passes for a “stand” on legalizing same-sex marriage in the Philippines, my opinion on the matter remains the same. I just can’t (and I probably never will) understand why anyone would want to vote against gay people getting married.

13 Comments that Put dboncan in My LGBT Spotlight

Let me be transparent with you. My objective for taking time and responding to you today is, at the most, to turn you into an ally, and at the least, to change some of your perceptions by giving you needed information.

On Humans and Clothing

Things are not just what we make them look like, but also what others want or can see in us.

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