Hello, Humanists! – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Indonesia – Yerry

Yerry talks about the challenge of religious conservatism in Indonesia and some efforts to raise awareness to address the issue.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 7 – Seoul Atheists

Seock Hyun talks about leaving religion, how life has changed for him. And how he will raise his future children in a mixed-belief family.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 6 – Seoul Pro-Choice Advocates

Na Young and Dr. Yoon tell us the journey to getting the ban on abortion declared unconstitutional in South Korea and what role religion plays in society.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 2 – Indian Feminists

Surabhi and Janice talk about how India was once a secular country, but is now challenged by how the lines of religion and state are blurred.

FF Podcast (Audio): Leloy Claudio on learning from history to protect liberalism and democracy [2019.05.18]

Leloy Claudio talks about the importance of understanding history to prevent it repeating as well as the challenges, opportunities, and limits of liberalism and democracy in the time of populism and social media propaganda. This and more in the latest episode of The Meetup Podcast.

FF Podcast (Audio): Richard Heydarian on Politicon and Duterte’s dealings with China [2019.05.09]

We talk to Richard Heydarian about his debate/dialogue with Sass Sasot. How did he come up with the idea for Politicon? What does he hope to achieve? Richard answers these questions, as well as his take on Duterte's dealings with China and how he copes with criticism from both pro- and anti-Duterte people online on this week's episode of The Meetup.

FF Podcast (Audio): Risa Hontiveros [2019.03.01]

Senator Risa Hontiveros tells us how she continues to fight for human rights despite dirty politics and disinformation, the issues and laws she's been focusing on, what we can continue to be hopeful for, and a special message for her critics (and the ka-DDS).

FF Podcast (Audio): Teresa Herrera-Anthony and Every Brilliant Thing [2019.02.25]

We talk to Teresa Herrera-Anthony about Every Brilliant Thing, an interactive play about mental health, and the role of theater as an intervention in talking about difficult topics such as suicide.

FF Podcast (Audio): Crazy Rich Asians [2019.01.21]

New podcast! The no-spoiler grace period for Crazy Rich Asians has certainly passed, so here's our take on it.

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