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Come to the Family Planning Fair!

It's World Population Day on July 11, and our friends from the UN, the European Union, and a whole host of like-minded organizations are setting up a Family Planning Fair at Manila City's Baseco Covered Court from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Crossing Streets and Maternal Death Risks (part 2)

Of around 3.37 M pregnancies that occurred in 2008, 17% led to induced abortions and 14% to unwanted births—more than...

Crossing Streets and Maternal Death Risks

Crossing a busy street and testing one's agility against vehicles has inherent risks. To minimize these risks, we create structures...

CBCP trademarks the term “Catholic”

Manila, Philippines -- In response to the existence of Catholics™ for RH (C4RH), the Catholic™ Bishops Conference of the Philippines have...

Atty. Jo Imbong on Imperialist, Non-Filipino RH Bill

The RH Bill did not come from Filipino legislators but from foreign organizations, Atty. Jo Imbong of the CBCP explained in English.

Reproductive Health Bill Revisited

What is it in the Reproductive Health Bill that has enraged the Catholic clergy?

Taxes for RH: Public Funding for a Public Good

Imagine if advocates of laissez-faire capitalism say to Congress, "Our taxes pay for government agencies that regulate our businesses and...

I stand for women and oppose Ayala Alabang Barangay Ordinance 01-2011

I come from a devout Catholic family and studied in a grade and high school that was non-sectarian (secular) but run...

Do Bishops Care?

An open letter to the CBCP delivered by more than a thousand women and their supporters had this simple message: "Eleven...

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