FF Podcast (Audio) 007: Lady Gaga vs Bigots and Fundies

Filipino Freethinkers Podcast #7

Our newest podcast (that's also a video) is up! Here, Marge, Ria and Red discuss the current protest of some Christian groups against the Lady Gaga concert, the difficulties of satire in a country where the news reads like stories out of The Onion, and how beauty queen Miriam Quiambao's courage in defiance of popular opinion has contributed to the awareness of LGBT rights.

God Goes to a Freedom of Expression Rally

To the protesters of the artwork “Poleteismo,” The universe is composed of millions and millions of galaxies. Inside a single galaxy are...

Filipino Freethinkers March in Solidarity with Palayain ang Sining

The Filipino Freethinkers marched with Palayain ang Sining to commemorate Kulo’s now-thwarted closing day, and to show solidarity with our country’s fearless and passionate artistic community.

Palayain ang Sining! A Solidarity March for Freedom of Expression

In commemoration of Kulo's now-thwarted closing day, and to show our solidarity with our country's fearless and passionate artistic community, a march for freedom of expression will take place on the afternoon of the 21st.

Comment on “Freedom from Offense is Offensive to Human Rights”

The “blasphemous” works of Mideo Cruz are no more an excuse for a faith-driven riot by Christian fanatics than the portrayal of Batman and Robin as gay lovers are an excuse for superhero fans to lynch the spoof-makers.

Censorship: Why Should You Care?

If you're not the artsy-fartsy type who goes to art museums and discusses the merits of an artist’s work all day, why should the CCP vs.CBCP battle even matter? Here's why.

Conservative Catholicism as Absurdist Art

The underlying idea being fought over via church bulletin boards, bumper stickers, and Facebook walls is the seemingly novel concept of freedom. In this issue, the CBCP and its cohorts seem unaware that the concept of free expression is meaningless if it were meant only to protect the agreeable but not the offensive.

Freedom from Offense is Offensive to Human Rights

In the forum held by the CCP over the controversial artworks of Mideo Cruz the Catholic fundamentalists of the CBCP, via their...

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