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Report secularism violations

?Report secularism violations!? Secularism violations include policies favoring a certain religion such as the National Bible Day, and government offices and public...

In Defense Of Nadine Lustre And Cohabitation: A Response To Anna Cosio

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article by Anna Cosio claiming that cohabitation is Bad For You, and chastising Nadine Lustre for...

Making It Our Problem

I am not a religious person and the reformation of any religion shouldn't be my problem or anyone else's. I wish...

Intolerant of Intolerance

Civil rights are not a matter of religious opinion or personal preference. If you seek to deny others their civil rights,...

FF Podcast 099 (Audio): Candidate Santiago and the Duty to Vote

FF Podcast 099 (Audio): Candidate Santiago and the Duty to Vote

This week, we are starting a series on each presidential candidate, leading up to the May 9 elections. We start with Miriam Defensor-Santiago. We talk about her campaign and whether or not we have the duty to vote at all.

FF Podcast 76: Freethinking in Singapore

This week, we head over to Singapore for the Asian Humanism Conference. We ask what it's like to be a humanist in our neighboring countries.

FF Podcast 73: Sexism and Tony Meloto’s GK

This week, we talk about Tony Meloto's controversial speech in Hawaii where he suggested that Filipinas should have babies with white men for the benefit of the country. We also talk about the apparent cult of personality built around Tony Meloto and Gawad Kalinga.

FF Podcast 68 (Audio): Is the Internet Killing Religion?

FF Podcast 68: Is the Internet Killing Religion?

This week we talk about a study that observes declining religiosity coinciding with increased Internet use.

FF Podcast 67 (Audio): Freedom to Discriminate?

FF Audio Podcast 67: Freedom to Discriminate?

This week we talk about an Indiana state law that has effectively allowed discriminating against anyone for religious reasons.

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