#Stories of Power: Celebrating PRIDE

Join us for an in-person post-pride celebration event where we celebrate LGBTQ+ #PrideStories of success, educate attendees on the status of LGBTQ+ policies, and inspire individuals to contribute to the advocacy. We invite you to share your own #PrideStories so we can celebrate them all!


In recent years, there has been greater visibility, acceptance, and support for the LGBTQ+ community in the Philippines. Local Pride marches have more and more participants every year. However, the country still lacks in LGBTQ+ legislation and policies.

Building upon the success of #StoriesOfPower during Women’s Month, our focus now shifts to celebrating LGBTQ+ #PrideStories. Just as we uplifted women and gender-diverse individuals who stood against misogyny and injustice, we aim to encourage LGBTQ+ advocates and allies to stand against hatred and bigotry. With #StoriesOfPower and #PrideStories, we will celebrate the journeys, triumphs, and resilience of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Activity Details

Date and time: July 2, 2023 (SUNDAY), 4-6pm

Venue: Casa Azul Auditorium, Instituto Cervantes, Intramuros (snacks and drinks will be served)

Target audience: 50 participants including advocates, allies, and experts

The event will commence with an opening message from event partners, setting the tone for the celebration ahead.

This event will serve as a platform to celebrate the victories that have been achieved in the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. We invite everyone in attendance to share their celebratory #PrideStories, no matter how big or small. Stories of attending the pride march, coming out, or getting a new LGBTQ+ policy at the office or school, among many others are welcome.

Experts will be invited to share their knowledge on the status of LGBTQ+ legislation and policies. A panel discussion will inform attendees of the current status of LGBTQ+ initiatives in the country. The event will also highlight practical steps that attendees can take to support ongoing advocacy efforts, including ways to engage with policymakers, join advocacy groups, and promote inclusivity within their own communities.

All attendees are encouraged to join in pledging to continue advocating tirelessly for the resolution of LGBTQ+ issues, so that they may reclaim their power:

Here we pledge,
To create a safe space,
A community where people of diverse gender thrive, Where diverse stories and lives
Are welcomed with open hearts and minds

We decide that these voices must be protected and heard.
We denounce all acts that harm and exploit.
We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of equity and justice for all.

We champion the right
To marriage equality and gender recognition,
To access inclusive education and healthcare,
To freedom from gender-based violence and discrimination,
That we may advance LGBTQ+ rights and change the world.

May our voices inspire and empower,
May our actions spark change, and
May all people of diverse gender find and reclaim their power And find the courage they need
To stand and strive together.

By emphasizing celebration, creating a safe space, promoting education, and fostering empowerment, this pride event will serve as a catalyst for positive change, uniting individuals and communities in the ongoing pursuit of equality, diversity, and inclusivity for all.


  • elebrate the milestones and successes in the realm of LGBTQ+ policies and bills, including personal and smaller-scale wins. We aim to showcase the positive effects these wins have had on the LGBTQ+ community, reinforcing the importance and impact of our collective efforts and movements to promote further action.
  • Provide a safe and inclusive space where individuals can freely express themselves, share their stories, and feel supported.
  • Provide educational opportunities for attendees to learn about the current status of LGBTQ+ legislation and policies on local and national levels.
  • Empower individuals and allies to take action and actively contribute to the advancement of LGBTQ+ legislation and policies.
  • Strengthen connections and collaborations between local LGBT organizations and community members.


4:00 PM – 4:10 PMOpening Messages
4:10 PM – 4:15 PMIntroduction to #StoriesOfPower
4:15 PM – 5:00 PMSharing and Celebrating #StoriesOfPower #PrideStories
5:00 PM – 5:45 PMSpeaker Panel: Updates on the current LGBT+ related policies and bills and how advocates can help
5:45 PM – 5:55 PMQ&A
5:55 PM – 6:00 PMClosing Message
6:00 PM OnwardsSocials

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