Mourning Orlando | FF Podcast

This week, we have Sharmila Parmanand and Leloy Claudio to talk about the massacre in Orlando that targeted an LGBT club, killing 49 people. We talk about homophobia and how religion and macho society might be its prime drivers.

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  1. I really appreciate what you guys said about Catholic educational institutions. I went to an Opus Dei run school, and while I was very religious as a child, (brainwashing), when I hit 13 or so, and the institutional barrage against homosexuality intensified, my defense was to detach myself from religion. So I stopped going to the weekly mandated confessions, because I could never tell the priest the truth anyway. I was never teased by anyone for being gay, but I could see that some of my schoolmates who could not hide it were bullied, and the school did nothing to protect them. To be fair, neither did I. I have a few classmates who remain my friends to this day, but now that other classmates and administrators contact me to help with the alumni day of that school as next year is my 25th anniversary from graduation, I find myself unmotivated, because I still see posts on Facebook from some of the teachers in that school condemning homosexual families and our rights.

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