Carlos Celdran Declared Guilty of “Offending Religious Feelings”


On September 30, 2010, Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran was charged for Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code, or “offending religious feelings,” when he displayed the now-infamous Damaso placard to the crowd at the Manila Cathedral.

Two years later, after many efforts from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) to shirk and delay the hearings, the Manila court has declared Celdran guilty of the said charge.

Below is the complete written decision:



You may also access the document here.


  1. and i demand the law to take action to jail catholic priests in our city for spreading malicious accusations against our mayor, for spreading ill-information about our city landfill, for using the pulpit as a podium for their cause, and eliciting infants for their future use. this, in line with my right as religiously offended by their actions.

    why mr. celdran alone? are they not offended by the church goer sleeping by the mass? or the thief preying on church visitors? or the vendors outside selling abortive and fortune nonsense against their doctrine?

    your Jesus even do some mocking and threatening of scribes and pharisees in that story in Matthew 23. done now and he will be jailed for offending their religious feelings.

  2. Im wondering what will happen to him if he did that to an ISLAMIC MOSQUE having religious worship.

    Im sure he will be a thing of the past.



  3. Mr. Celdran has apologized, which is his acknowledgement of having done wrong. He was guilty of offending others who should be allowed to worship in a dignified manner. He should accept responsibility and get himself off to jail. The quicker he goes in the quicker he gets out, and the less congestion he imposes on the courts by arguing that bad behavior is good. Where is his conscience about "responsibility" and "cluttered courts"?

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