Your Face is a Heavily Funded PR Conspiracy

It’s a miracle any of us have been posting on the site recently, considering how little sleep we’ve gotten these past few days. It’s been all cardboard and pens and scissors and tarps and lots and lots and lots of tape for us recently as a handful of us scrambled to create 7 miniature SUVs and placards from scratch in a single night. While some ended up falling unconscious for an hour or two, most had foregone sleep entirely. We be badass.

So, little did others know that while the Freethinkers stood with the rest of Bantay Bishop outside the Senate gates last Wednesday morning, greeting the bishops and Senators as they cruised in for the PCSO hearing, we were running on the barest minimum of energy, half-thinking of the Pajero 7, half-thinking of random mattresses and Jollibee Breakfast Joys. Fortunately, our determination kept us from keeling over.

Moreover, we did this despite our day jobs and other priorities. And all the materials were either from our personal belongings, borrowed, or bought using cash pooled from our members and friends. In the midst of our criticizing an issue regarding certain people getting grossly undeserved funds that could have gone to deserving citizens, it is highly ironic that we would be accused of enjoying this very form of corruption due to some bizarre conspiracy theory. Unlike other people, we helped ourselves.

None of us would have done this because we were told or paid to. We didn’t walk away from this event with extra cash in our pockets or pats on the back from some greasy bigwig. Instead, we headed off for the jobs and deadlines we had put on hold, for a place to finally get some grub and, for a lucky few,  for our homes where we fell unconscious on our beds. And we’d do all of this all over again if (and when) we have to.


  1. thank you sa lahat ng hard work nyo 🙂

    10 years from now and beyond, sana maalala ng future generations ang inyong hirap at sacrifice to ensure that the Damasos wont rule the Philippines

    keep fighting the good fight

  2. awww… kudos to all your hard work pa rin
    umm, maybe you could auction off those SUV props to somehow recoup all your expenses, sayang din naman, they're genuine handmade works of art, not to mention now part of history as well as being featured on BBC 🙂

    PS. I dont get the title. Is this like some sort of internet meme? not hipster enough to get it, ugh…

  3. "Fortunately, our determination kept us from keeling over." – And caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine.

    Seriously, I'm thinking of sending this to Sen. Miriam @senmiriam on Twitter. I can't allow my broken glasses to go to waste!

    P.S. Are my pens still with you guys?

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