The FF Nostradamus Challenge: Can You Figure This One Out?

We have only five days left ’til the end of the Globe T@tt Awards voting period! And thanks to your awesomeness, the Filipino Freethinkers are leading in both their categories (i.e. “The Advocate” and “The One”)!

As of this writing, we are totally owning “The Advocate,” with approximately 950 votes more than the second placer. In “The One” category, however, it’s been nail-bitingly close from the beginning, with only a handful of votes between us and fashion blogger Laureen Uy. We’re more or less a hundred paltry votes ahead of her, and while we’re sure that the beading on her dress is very pretty, it’s frankly too close for comfort. WE NEED MORE VOTES, GUYS! If we win both categories, that’s 200,000 pesosesoses that will go to our many projects lined up for reason, science, and secularism.


The local Catholic Church has 17.5 BILLION PESOS in its pockets, whereas the Filipino Freethinkers make do with whatever cash — and spare cardboard — we can scrounge up. 200,000 pesos will most certainly go a long way for us.

In light of all this, we have a very special surprise coming up very, very soon — something that quite literally exhibits our thrust to grow and improve as an organization. To help you figure out what this surprise is, we’ve created a special quatrain a la Nostradamus, legendary bullshitter/bad poet/is-there-a-difference. Many Freethinkers have already been exposed to one BS verse after another, and can see why people interpret these lines the way they do. Can you figure out what this one says? Rest assured that this prediction, unlike everything else predicted by people in robes and funny hats, will come true.

The many thoughts, they have been freed, and rightfully so

In the isles of Philip and beyond , through a gossamer web wrapped across the world.

Yet a new face lays in wait, one cleaner and purer and a salve upon our eyes.

It shall arrive on the morrow, and they who think shall rejoice. 

Whatisitwhatisitwhatisitwhatisit? A kiss from Kenneth to whoever gets it right!


  1. Nostradamus was a sincere person. He had told in his letter to his son that, every thing he wrote for him is under a 'cloud' means it cannot be understand quickly. And more over he had informed that a man with good fortune alone can understand his words. That man must be gifted with light from God. To me he was not a poet, but a scientist. Who realized divine knowledge. It is not good to have bad comments on him just because we are not able to understand him. But we will hope that some day, some one will explain us what he wrote to us. Now i will just try to explain the quatrain. Just my thought on it ,that's all.

    Some people are thinking about a specific subject, a result is what they need badly. That discussion's origin was from Philip, but it gone beyond that and reached all over the world. A new face is waiting for entry to this topic. His mind and intellect is clearer than others. He will give healing for the eyes of all who are thinking ( Means he will put their Vision in right path or thinking in right path ). Because of the relief , everybody's thoughts or anxiety will be freed.

    That's all i got. Thanks to give a chance. God bless you.

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