Marguerite de Leon

Hell on a Holiday: Getting Soaked in San Juan

This morning, I fell victim to San Juan Day.

An Open Letter to MMDA Chair Tolentino Re: the Dan Brown Letter

I write to you with much concern regarding your recently circulated letter to Inferno author Dan Brown.

Getting Tested: The Results of My First HIV Exam

Few things make me nervous. Job interviews, cute boys, boa constrictors—I can face them just fine. But when I took my first HIV test at last week’s FF meetup, I definitely felt my tummy tumbling over. And this ended up being a very good thing.

The Billionaire Bishops Go Begging

Seriously, we need 60 million. We’re going to be celebrating Pedro, and we’re going to need a little extra cash for the tarps, and maybe an AVP. Balloons, if we can find a decent supplier.

Why PNoy’s SONA is Not a Triumph for the RH Bill

People were ecstatic. People were claiming PNoy had finally put his foot down regarding RH. But I don’t buy it. And neither should anyone else, most especially fellow pro-RH advocates.

CBCP Guns for 3 Guinness World Records to Tie with INC

In light of the Iglesia ni Cristo’s (INC) recent breaking of three Guinness World Records, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has also approached the record achievement authority in the hopes of snagging three records to tie with their rival faith.

5 Tips for Getting Your Piece Published on the FF Website

You have to find the sweet spot between intelligent and accessible. You have to inform or opine with clarity and substance. You have to buy us lunch.

A Laborious and Exhaustive Deconstruction of GMA’s Sophomore (and Sophomoric) Foray into the Phenomenon of Malay Blaxploitation

A Laborious and Exhaustive Deconstruction of GMA's Sophomore (and Sophomoric) Foray into the Phenomenon of Malay Blaxploitation

Manila School Sides with STC, Sues 94% of Student Population’s Parents

“After learning of this disgusting bikini incident, our school decided to perform background checks on its student population,” says SUCKA Executive Directress Sr. Cielo Baluyot. “Unfortunately, we found that 94% of our students are, as any good Catholic would describe them, ‘delinquent little bastards.’"

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