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LGBT unions kadiri, says Bacani, the sexual harasser

In 2003, Bishop Bacani was accused by his secretary of “sexual harassment for allegedly embracing her from behind and touching sensitive parts of her body while they were inside his office.” Although he was not defrocked, the incident forced Bacani to resign as bishop of Novaliches. Surely you’d agree that this was a humbling experience.

8 years later, the humility has worn off, and Bacani is back to spreading his unique brand of bigotry. Last month his name became a trending topic on Twitter for his arrogant and self-righteous attitude during a recent RH Debate. Some even criticized his appearance, calling it creepy, malicious, and even Satanic.

If you think Bacani does not deserve such crass criticism, maybe this will change your mind. In response to the recent same sex holy unions in Baguio, Bacani expressed his bigotry with statements worthy of a schoolyard bully:

Bacani described the weddings as, “Napangitan ako talaga, kadiri, para tayong gaya gaya puto maya. Laban ito sa salita ng Diyos.” (I really found it ugly, disgusting, it is like we’re copycats. This is against God’s word.)

Ugly? I think the word is better suited to a supposedly celibate man sexually harassing someone half his age. Disgusting? This is what I would call how the sexual-harassing senior was rewarded with a long vacation in the US for a crime that was probably settled out of court.

But why am I even trying to be subtle? Bacani, it is you who are ugly and disgusting. And as a sexual harasser pretending to be an authority on relationships, you’re a hypocrite, and there’s nothing original about that. With bishops who are against corruption but are corrupt themselves,  and bishops who are supposed to constitute a Church of the Poor but are filthy rich — who’s the copycat now?

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