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Brainwashing with consent

brainwashing-with-consentThere is a saying which sounds a little like this, “Let me teach a young child and he’ll be mine forever.” Ngiiii…sounds creepy, but it’s true. If you train a child, chances are, what your taught him will stay with him till he grows up.

When I was a young kid here in the Philippines, I remember that there is a religion class in our Elementary school…

Well, it was not actually a religion class. If it’s a religion class, there must be a study of comparative religion. It is really a Roman Catholic indoctrination given to elementary school children. Here, the local parish church will send a layperson to teach “religion” to grade school kids. Disguised as a religion class, the layperson will program the minds of the young class of Roman Catholic doctrines and practices.

Today, there are many Elementary and High schools run by Christian fundamentalists in the Philippines. Just imagine what they teach the students. With public education going down the drain, private schools run by different Christian congregations must be having the Mad Hatter’s tea party. What is sad on this state of affairs is that there isn’t any government agency that is assigned to look on what these schools are teaching our kids.

I once had the opportunity to look at such institution. The church called Bread of Life here at Quezon City have a program called Mad Science in which children are taught by individual laypersons while their parents attend church service. I was shocked on what I saw. These “teachers” twisted the science of Biology, to influence those innocent minds. Here they teach them that everything was created by a certain god and using science, they will tell to the children that the biblical account of Genesis is real compare to the Theory of Evolution without even giving a space for the children to compare and evaluate the lectures. (Now I know why it is called “Mad” Science)

These jerks, claimed that the existence of God, garden of Eden, Noah’s flood and super human strength that is cause by long hair are all factual on those innocent minds using their so-called “science”.

How sad. These children growing up brain washed and brain dead. Having been depriving to learn scientific investigation and free inquiry.

You may say that it’s not brain washing since they are not being done with coercion. But scaring the wits of a 6-year-old child by telling him of going to eternal damnation if he asked too many questions sounds coercive to me.

This country need teachers and better, legitimate educational institutions to teach children the methods of free inquiry, not a group of guffaws whose intentions is to boost the number of robots to fill their church donation box. Our Asian neighbors are now more advanced in the field of science and technology and we are being left behind while these vultures are eating the carcass. With this kind of a situation, “baka sa kangkungan tayo pulutin nyan.”

Photo from aaronescobar / CC BY 2.0

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