FF Podcast 63 (Audio): Paint Their Hands Black?

Is it censorship if the creator the advertisement itself blacks out part of the image? This week, we talk about the...

FF Podcast 63: Paint Their Hands Black?

This week, we talk about the Bench billboard that showed a gay couple holding hands and how it was censored.

Our Government was Hacked: Cyber Martial Law and the Sottovirus

The true test of any system is its ability to respond to problems. A system can work most of the time,...

FF Podcast (Audio) 007: Lady Gaga vs Bigots and Fundies

Filipino Freethinkers Podcast #7

Our newest podcast (that's also a video) is up! Here, Marge, Ria and Red discuss the current protest of some Christian groups against the Lady Gaga concert, the difficulties of satire in a country where the news reads like stories out of The Onion, and how beauty queen Miriam Quiambao's courage in defiance of popular opinion has contributed to the awareness of LGBT rights.

Lady Gaga Concert Ends in Flames, Fans Sink Further into Moral Decadence

MANILA, Philippines--The fire was over, but the worst was yet to come. After putting out the last of the flames, firemen...

Lady Gaga vs. the Bible: An Obscene-Off

Lady Gaga will perform in the Philippines, but not if some bigots can help it. Biblemode Youth Philippines has gone on...

UN Affirms Blasphemy as a Human Right

As a signatory and ratifier, the Philippines is legally bound by international law to follow GC34. In the comment, it says that, “Prohibitions of displays of lack of respect for a religion or other belief system, including blasphemy laws, are incompatible with the Covenant….”

Censorship: Why Should You Care?

If you're not the artsy-fartsy type who goes to art museums and discusses the merits of an artist’s work all day, why should the CCP vs.CBCP battle even matter? Here's why.

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