FF Podcast 57 (Audio): Three Questions That Predict Atheism

FF Podcast 57: Three Questions That Predict Atheism

This week, we discuss three questions that supposedly predict whether you are an atheist. We talk about analytic thinking and whether atheists are smarter than believers.

FF Podcast (Audio) 025: Do Believers Give More to Charity?

This week we talk about believers giving more to charity than atheists. Then, we discuss what encourages charity and altruism. You may...

FF Podcast (Audio): A Conversation with Peter Boghossian on his book A Manual for Creating Atheists (Conversations for a Cause)

Conversations for a Cause is a series of interviews with celebrity freethinkers, part of an online donation drive to support ongoing Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) relief  and rehabilitation efforts.

In this episode, Red Tani interviews Peter Boghossian about his book, A Manual for Creating Atheists. They talk about Street Epistemology, Peter's suggested method for performing interventions on people infected with the faith virus, and the practical and ethical differences between proselytizing with faith and disabusing people of their faith.

Atheists of Color

Greta Cristina has made a list of prominent atheists of color to reflect the diversity of the atheist community: If you're helping...

The Gospel According to St. Dawkins

Dawkins laid out his definitions of terminology on theist, deist, and pantheist. He referred to deism as a "watered-down theism" while pantheism as "sexed-up atheism". Of course, with theism, he refers to the belief in the traditional supernatural deity who created everything and comes in from time to time to bend natural laws and interfere with human events. So, with respect to his definitions, I do see his point.

If I’m a non-believer, why patronize theist music, film and other forms of artwork?

The Merriam-Webster website definition for patronize here that I use is the following: “3 : to be a frequent or regular customer or...

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