Internet Lynch Mobs Against the Innocent | FF Podcast

This week, we talk about the false accusation Top Gear Philippines made concerning a road rage incident. We also talk about how violence has become an acceptable response nowadays.

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  1. I would use this new term which describes our age today… “Benevolent Psychopathy.” (for lack of a better, legit term)

    There’s still hope. I think logical people are increasing by the day. Nobody in their right mind would resort to violence, even if it restores justice. It is just their desperation that they wouldn’t listen to another alternative. The criminal proliferation damaged the Phils. beyond repair. Like the common doctor’s prescription, the Filipinos have taken a very damaging pill. I am rooting for a more pacifist system of doing things. A Natural Law-Resource Based Economy. I would NOT like to force people to think what I think, I prefer to see to themselves what system or form of politics is ideal enough for their own lifestyle.

    This is my way of ending this notion of Control that enslaves us all.

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