Candidate Duterte and the New President Syndrome | FF Podcast

This week, we wrap up our election series with Candidate Rodrigo Duterte. We lay it all out in this final episode before the elections. We also talk about the New President Syndrome and why participating in politics doesn’t end on election day.



You may also download the podcast file here.

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  1. To call a candidate ridiulous makes me wonder who this guy is. No contribution to the country, i dont even know his name. Some people will do everything to be noticed.

  2. Our next president, the stupid oaf with delusions of tyranny. He is the top cohoice that our shallow, head-in-the-sand electorate will vote for tomorrow. A sad day indeed.

    I do sincerely hope he dies before he gets sworn in. Alas I do not believe in gods or hexes or I would ask the spirits that he be stricken with a heart attack before June 30. We can always hope.

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