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Hello, Humanists! – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Indonesia – Yerry

Yerry talks about the challenge of religious conservatism in Indonesia and some efforts to raise awareness to address the issue.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 7 – Seoul Atheists

Seock Hyun talks about leaving religion, how life has changed for him. And how he will raise his future children in a mixed-belief family.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 5 – Seoul Improv

Hellena and Hailey discuss living in a non-religious country like South Korea, their different birth date assignment, and how proselytizers are seen.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 3 – Bangladesh

S M Shaikat talks about humanism and human rights in Bangladesh, how religion is used to oppress people, and his unique way of countering it.

Hello, Humanists! – Episode 2 – Indian Feminists

Surabhi and Janice talk about how India was once a secular country, but is now challenged by how the lines of religion and state are blurred.

FF Podcast (Audio): Richard Heydarian on Politicon and Duterte’s dealings with China [2019.05.09]

We talk to Richard Heydarian about his debate/dialogue with Sass Sasot. How did he come up with the idea for Politicon? What does he hope to achieve? Richard answers these questions, as well as his take on Duterte's dealings with China and how he copes with criticism from both pro- and anti-Duterte people online on this week's episode of The Meetup.

FF Podcast (Audio): Dr. Reina Reyes on Our Need for Science Literacy and Advocacy [2018.06.09]

We talk to astrophysicist, data scientist, and science advocate Reina Reyes about her much needed advocacy in this week's episode of The Meetup podcast.

FF Podcast (Audio): Senator Trillanes on Opposing Duterte and Fighting for Democracy [2018.06.08]

We talk to Sen. Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV about Duterte and dictatorship, the state of the opposition, its chances of succeeding, and how ordinary citizens can join the fight for liberal democracy.

FF Podcast 106 (Audio): Flores de los Alleged Criminals

FF Audio Podcast 106 - Flores de los Alleged Criminals

We talk about the suspected criminals paraded around in Batangas. We also discuss the basic right to due process and why it's necessary for a functioning society.

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