Sotto: To Pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill, Discriminate LGBT First

Update: Sotto has since denied that he is against LGBT provisions in the anti discrimination bill. The point still stands, other senators who are against these provisions are calling for discrimination to pass the bil.

Manila Bulletin reports that certain senators are opposing the Anti-Racial, Ethnic and Anti-Religious Discrimination Act of 2011 (the Anti-Discrimination bill) because they want the provisions concerning the LGBT struck down. Among these senators is our favorite bigote’d senator, the Honorable Vincente Sotto III.

“Kaya pala nadedelay sa Senate na mag-agree sa bicameral ay pinapa-negotiate ng some Senators na alisin ang provisions ng LGBTs. (The reason why the Senate failed to agree in the bicameral is that some senators wanted to exclude the LGBT provisions),” [one of the authors of the bill, Rep. Teodoro Baguilat Jr.] claimed.

“So baka mag-agree na ganito na lang para maipasa. What I know is that one of those opposing is Senator (Vicente) Sotto,” he claimed. Sotto was reportedly pushing for the adoption of the House version, which does not include the LGBT provisions.

What kind of legislators are the Filipino people getting when the first step these senators take to passing an anti-discrimination law is to discriminate? To make it even more disgusting, it’s a good bet that some of these senators are pushing to remove the LGBT provisions from the bill for religious reasons. An incredibly hypocritical move considering that the anti discrimination bill has provisions against religious discrimination. To these senators it’s bad to discriminate against religion but discriminating because of religion? That’s kosher!

Even if the senator’s reasons for removing the provisions aren’t religious, any reason at all for the removal of LGBT provisions would be disingenuous to the spirit of the bill. They are trying to pass a law against discrimination that would, if the LGBT provisions are excised, be discriminatory in the first place.

The legislators who authored the anti-discrimination bill have done good work writing the bill in the first place. Now they need to ensure that their good work will not be brought down by the politicking of bigots and bishops.

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  1. senator has no bad things done!its all for your kapakanan!kayo pa ang umiiwas sa isang bagay na makakpagpalayo sa inyo sa tiyak na kapahamakan!wag kayong masyadong magpadala sa mga taong pinipilit na sirain ang mga bagay na nasimulan ni sentaor sotto!

  2. if his an idiot?!what should i call you!? kapag ang tao may isang maling nasabe laht nakatingin pero pag ang tao may nagawang mabuti lahat walang pakialam! senator sotto is just a Filipino in his heart and in his,why are you people always writing bad things on him!?

  3. his not the only one who think for this new bill.! why are you people always making fun with Senator Sotto?! always remember ang api ang nagwawagi sa huli!!!

    • You call a Senator elected to the Philippines, completely unchallenged on multiple counts of plagiarism even by his own colleagues, richer beyond the combined income of five random commenters on this article, AND well-loved celebrity for over three decades "api"?

      Oh, well.

  4. Well, what did we expect from someone who hosted a daytime idiot show on television for something like 20 years? The man's an idiot, we voted him in…we're not too smart, ourselves.

  5. This guy.

    Tito Sotto, the senate is no place for your "comedy". Please go back to slamming pies on people's faces and be the clown that you really are. (Sorry, that wasn't fair to clowns!)

  6. Yo dawg. I heard you liked anti-discrimination, so I put some discrimination in your anti-discrimination so you can discriminate while you anti-discriminate!

    In some universe, I bet that made sense. Unfortunately, not in this one.

    • //Yo dawg. I heard you liked anti-discrimination, so I put some discrimination in your anti-discrimination so you can discriminate while you anti-discriminate! //

      The justice lords called…

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