Timeline of Sotto’s Dissembling and Lies on the Cybercrime Law

As the cybercrime Law comes into effect today posts like this one, no matter how factual, become targets for lawsuits that...

Double Standards – Contraceptives and Medicines

Imagine a woman warned by her doctor to refrain from having a fifth pregnancy for medical reasons. She decides to use...

Sotto: To Pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill, Discriminate LGBT First

Manila Bulletin reports that certain senators are opposing the Anti-Racial, Ethnic and Anti-Religious Discrimination Act of 2011 (the Anti Discrimination bill) because they want the provisions concerning the LGBT struck down. Among these senators is our favorite bigote’d senator, the Honorable Vincente Sotto III. What kind of legislators are the Filipino people getting when the first step these senators take to passing an anti discrimination law is to discriminate?

Senator Tito Sotto: Dishonest, Deceptive, and Intellectually Lazy (Part 1)

According to one of the greatest senators of our republic, the “Filipino people are worth dying for”, aren’t they worth properly citing, reliably researching, and thoroughly analysing for?

Senator Enrile, Pregnancy is Not a Disease

Enrile questions the use of contraception for preventing pregnancy, putting forward the question: “Is pregnancy a disease that needs to be cured?” While Enrile prefaces his question with the case of the birth control pills I think its fair to extend his question to other forms of birth control as well. Why should some women need to prevent pregnancy if its not a disease?

Sotto Unwittingly Gathered Maternal Mortality Data Equivalent to 18 Deaths Per Day

Senator Tito Sotto tried to debunk the data that 11 maternal deaths occur daily, but ended up reinforcing the same with...

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