Jeiel Aranal

Women’s Autonomy in the Hands of the SC

The legal state of a married woman's autonomy over her own body has been put in a strange limbo thanks to two recent Supreme Court decisions.

Today I Will Justify My Sexism Using God

While we write a lot about the shitty things the Catholic hierarchy tries to impose on people because of their particular...

CBCP Adds Sperm Count to Marriage Ceremonies

MANILA, Philippines — Following Archbishop Oscar Cruz's benevolence in allowing a lesbian woman and a gay man to marry each other...

The RH Status Quo, The Way Things Were Before

The Supreme Court of the Philippines voted 10-5 to put a status quo ante order on the RH law, which means...

Team Buhay, Team Patay, and CBCP’s Team Balimbing

For an institution that thrives on tradition and that loves talking up the long history of the Roman Catholic Church, the...

Cardinal Tagle’s Papacy Campaign Just Got Fabulous!

Cardinal Tagle's campaign for the papal throne has just turned fabulous! But are your morals more fab than the pope's?

Cardinal Tagle, Sexual Abuse, and the Asian Way

With Ratzinger vacating the papal throne, much has been made of who will be the man (and of course it must...

Abortion, Women, and The Christ-Like Anti-RH

Representative Pablo Garcia tried to include an amendment into the RH bill to remove post-abortion care from the bill.

The Strange Case of Rizal and Catholic Dogma

Hey! Did you know that the CBCP has their own website? It's true! They post really interesting articles on it too,...

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