My list of some of the most romantic sci-fi lines

Okay guys, this is, among other things, a work/list in progress, so please feel free to suggest others I might have missed/forgotten. I’ve very limited time but I managed to draw these out of the top of my head. In no particular order, here they are:

kyle reese & sarah connor, The Terminator (1984)

“John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn’t know why at the time. It was very old – torn, faded. You were young like you are now. You seemed just a little sad. I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment. I memorized every line, every curve. I came across time for you Sarah. I love you; I always have”

-Kyle Reese, father of John Connor, talking to Sarah Connor in the movie Terminator (1984) while hiding form the terminator. Aaww. That is so romantic,  moving across time (and space) to be with the one you love. :D

mulder & scully

Mulder’s email to Scully:

I’ve resisted contacting you for reasons I know you continue to appreciate. But, to be honest, some unexpected dimensions of my new life are eating away at any resolve I have left. I’m lonely, Dana, uncertain of my ability to live like this. I want to come home. To you, and to William.

Scully’s reply to Mulder’s email afterwards:

I hold no hope you can respond to this. Or that it reaches you. I only hope that you are alive.

I cannot help believing that you jumped off that train because you knew what I now know – that these “super-soldiers,” if that’s what they are, can in fact be destroyed. That the key to their destruction lies in the iron compound at that quarry.

I am scared for you, Mulder. And for William. The forces against us are unrelenting. But so is my determination. To see you again. To regain the comfort and safety we shared for so brief a time.

Until then, I remain forever yours… Dana

– In ‘The X-Files’ season 9 episode, ‘Trust No 1″. Mulder is separated for a time from Scully and their son, because if he hadn’t, he would be putting Scully and their son in danger. Aaww. Sniff sniff. :)

Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane kissing, before Superman dies in Lois' arms, Superman #75 (1993)

Just remember…no matter what happens…I’ll always love you. ALWAYS.

– Superman to Lois Lane, before finally dying at the hands of the monster Doomsday, in Superman #75  (1993). The line really isn’t something new, but the situation and the overall atmosphere made it really special in my opinion.

So there you go sci-fi buffs, geeks, and nerds. Happy Valentine’s day. :D

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  2. Superb! You really got me out of a tight spot with this! I have been searching high and low for a great gift for my better half. It has been a hopeless task up until now. I'm over the moon that i stumbled across this "
    My list of some of the most romantic sci-fi lines | Filipino Freethinkers " page! I have finally found the mother of all gifts.

  3. Does the Star Sapphire oath count?

    “For hearts long lost and full of fright,
    For those alone in blackest night,
    Accept our ring and join our fight,
    Love conquers all– With violet light!”

  4. Awww… softies! 🙂 Mine would be from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'… "if the Earth dies, you die; if you die the Earth survives". How romantic! Snif

    Happy V! (V the scifi series that is). 🙂

  5. From one of my all-time favorite anime, Hoshi No Koe (Voices of the Distant Star):

    Mikako Nagamine: You know, Noboru, I have a lot of things I reminisce about, After all, I have nothing here. For example, you know: For example, things like summer, clouds and like cold rain… Things like the smell of a fall breeze. Like the sound of rain drops hitting an umbrella… Like the softness of spring soil… Like the feeling of peace at the convenience store in the middle of the night… And then, you know, like the cool wind after school… Like the smell of chalkboard erasers… Like the sound of a truck passing by in the middle of the night… Like the smell of asphalt in the rain… Noboru, Things like that, I have all this time… All this time…

    Noboru Terao: I thought that I would like to experience these with you, Mikako.

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